Today I noticed a pattern: I need to be worrying about something, all the time.

If I’m not worried I become sad.

And sad is worst then worried, at least in my mind.

For example, up until now I’ve been worrying about my trip to Athens, for the life coach retreat. You know, I don’t like flying, that’s the first thing. In fact, I’m really really afraid of it.

On the other side, I was afraid of going to the retreat, excited but afraid, because it was my first retreat. A new experience, meeting new people, and so on.

I’ve been getting a lot out of my comfort zone. Doing a lot of things that I don’t feel comfortable with.


Because it’s the best way to grow.

When you’re acting out of your comfort zone, you’re doing two things:

1. You’re not being your usual you. You’re being your most advanced you, the one that goes for it and takes risks and tries new things

2. You’re getting feedback when you do these new things: you get new feelings, that scare you. You look at the results, you draw conclusions, you learn more about yourself. You grow.

So, when I have something that scares me coming, I’m ok in a strange way.

I’m used to feeling anxious. It’s kind of my comfort zone actually.

But when it stops… when I get to the same routine… I have to find something new that scares me. So I can feel anxious again.

That’s what I figured out today.

Now that I don’t have anything scary coming soon, I’m feeling a bit sad.

And I don’t need a reason, my thoughts just go to the usual negative stuff.

What am I doing? Is this the right thing for me?

You know, but this time I’m more aware of these thoughts.

This time I have an answer.

Yes, it is the right thing for me. I’m doing exactly what I’m meant to be doing. Maybe I don’t feel that way right now, but I will soon…

I bet sometimes you also feel like this.

Maybe you’re doubting your decisions, where you’re at, your whole life even…

The ego is powerful and it has lots of ugly things to say.
The ego doesn’t love us, it just sees the worse in everything.

Today I’d love for you to get out of your ego mind, to go to that place inside of you where everything is possible, and just stay there.

Go to a calm place, close your eyes and just be there. And imagine everything you want coming to life.

This is the right place to be.

Your ego is just a distraction.

You know this better then anyone.

And if you didn’t, you know now!

You are amazing.

Everything is possible for you.

I see you.

And I love you!


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