Today I wanted to tell you about productivity and desires.


Because I want to help you achieve what you want!

Here’s what I’ve learned about productivity:

I’m super disorganized which makes me unproductive…

I like freedom so I don’t usually have a schedule. I don’t like to feel I have to do things, so I run away from it. Since I don’t make a schedule with activities, I don’t do these activities. So I’m not productive.

Basically being productive is doing lots of actions every day…

How do we know what actions to take?

It’s by planning what we need to do first.

But I don’t like planning either. You can see the problem here ;)

So I bought a book that helps us plan our goals so we create them. It’s The Success Principles from Jack Canfield.

I’m still reading and I’m loving it.

I’m in the part where he says to use mind maps to split a goal into smaller and smaller actions until we have actions that we can do easily and quickly.

For example, I want to sell my style ebook on Amazon.
What do I need to do?

  1. Edit the ebook – This is a project in itself because it can be broken down into more actions: look for a freelancer to edit (by making an ad), going through the candidates and choosing one. And first I also want to edit the e-book once.
  2. Changing the ebook into Kindle format – I can do it myself or try to get someone to edit and put it in that format, so the first action is to decide what I want to do about it.
  3. Selling the ebook on Amazon – I still have to figure out what are the steps, but I already have a course that explains it.

I also have a document about dieting and how to lose weight/keep your ideal weight, that I want to publish. Maybe gather some more information and make a little ebook about it.

For this I have to:

  1. Find the document I already made
  2. Decide what to add
  3. Write what’s missing
  4. Follow the previous process (although in this case I’ll write it directly in a template that already works for Kindle, so I have one less step ;))

When I thought about making the new ebook, I immediately thought that I don’t feel like doing it. Lol. But I also thought I could help thousands of women with these ebooks, especially if I publish them on Amazon, so I was more motivated.

Motivation is a very important – if not the most important – part of productivity. And success, in anything we want to do. Because when we are motivated, we have energy for everything. Without motivation, there’s no energy.

So you need to know your Why, and have a big vision, to get that motivation.

My why for ebooks is to help thousands of women with their style and image. My vision is that more women will feel good and confident about their style and image, in whatever situation. To empower women.

Another important part of moving forward with what we want to do is to state it publicly. What I’m doing now ;)

And then have someone that makes us accountable for taking each step. That will check whether we did it or not. When you know you have to tell someone if you did what you said you would, you’re more likely to do it!

I talk from experience because now that I’m working with a colleague and telling her what I do and don’t do, I’m much more aware of what I’m doing, and whether or not I’m keeping my word.

A great way – the best way, by the way – to make sure you do what you said you would, and to move forward, is to work with a coach. With coaching you have a person who not only helps you understand what is stopping and blocking you, but also, helps you to do what you decide. The more you do what you say you will, the more confident you feel and the further you go, of course.

If you have goals for this year, or don’t have them yet but you want to… and you want to make sure you reach them or make a lot of progress towards them, you need a coach!

If you are interested in working with me, email me at

Let’s create your best year !!!



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