Are you ready to say goodbye to diets?

Are you ready to be thin, and stay thin, once and for all?

You might not know this about me, but I struggled with my weight for a long time (from 15 years old to 20 something). During that time, I was always gaining and losing weight. The yo-yo syndrome.

I started with 58 Kgs, my ideal weight is 50Kgs. So that’s 8 Kgs that I had to get rid off. I actually lost 14 Kgs and slimmed down to 44. It was too much though and later on I set my ideal weight at 50/52. And that’s been my weight for the last 20+ years.

You set your ideal weight by what you feel good with.

A general rule of thumb is 10 kgs less then your centimetres. So if you have 1.64 meters, you’d be good with 54 Kgs.

Anyway, I’m sending this email to you because I’m doing a new program, called Say goodbye to diets and get thin for good. I’m going to teach you my method, that I learned after my yo-yo phase.

During that phase, I read all the books about dieting and slimming down and healthy eating, that I could.

Each diet I tried, I failed.

I had to learn everything from scratch and all by myself. I did it the hard way. Still I had no results that really lasted.

Finally three things changed my diet, the way I ate and ultimately my life.

One was a consultation I had with one of my mother’s friends, who is a Neurosurgeon. I told him that sometimes I ate but it wasn’t enough. I was still hungry. But I couldn’t eat more because I was trying to slim down.

What should I do?

His answer: “Don’t eat”.

Dah, of course right? But it wasn’t that clear in my mind before, that I could simply not eat even if I was hungry. And that it was OK!

Another was going to one of the most well known endocrinologists here in Portugal. My mother took me there. He taught me what to do and gave me a formula that I would later adapt to myself. That’s the way of eating I use till now, and that I’m going to teach you inside Say goodbye to diets and get thin, forever.

Third was what he also said to me, that no one ever bother to tell me before. Or maybe I wasn’t really listening until then…

And it was this: “You’re never going back to the way you ate before. This isn’t a diet. This is a healthy way to eat, for life.”

So there you have it.

Three pivotal moments for my weight journey, and my life.

I’m starting Say goodbye to diets and get thin for good, in one week (October 18th).

I’m going to record the first training today.

It will be in audio/video format and I’ll also have at least one PDF with the meals plan and replacements.

The key is that you can replace any meal or part of a meal with what you love. That means you can eat cake every day, if you want to (although I don’t advise it and I’ll explain why inside).

But you can incorporate what you usually eat into your meal plan.

This will be a way of eating for life, so there is no deprivation. There are no forbidden foods. There are no musts.

There is only one thing you need to do actually, to slim down. And there is only one way to slim down.

And that is to make sure that you eat less calories then the ones you need, each day.

You do that for a period of time, until you reach the weight you want.

You then start to eat more and more, until you are eating the same calories that you spend, and that’s how you maintain your ideal weight (again, the only way).

There are ways to make it easier though.

And there is this way that you can do it, without sacrificing the habits and the foods that you love the most. And without always counting calories.

That’s what I’m going to show you.

This is an adventure, a way to eat for life, a discovering of your best body!

If you’re interested, send me a message and I’ll send you more details and the link to enter.

Lots of love,


P.S. I also have a VIP option, that includes one 45 minutes 1:1 coaching session. Ask for that in your message, if you want it. xxx

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