Yesterday in the call with one of my coaches, I realized that my reality shows what’s going on in my mind. What I’ve been thinking and feeling. What I subconsciously want!

Do you believe you are 100% responsible for your reality?

That’s the first step to be able to change it.

Everything you see around you is a result from your mind. Your mind creates your reality.

What you want the most (subconsciously at least) is exactly what you have now.

That may seem strange, because of course you want a different life right? You want to have the ideal weight, money for everything you need and desire, you want to have a relationship that makes you feel loved and respected…

But if you don’t have it now, deep down you don’t want it.

Our mind controls our life. And the most effective way to change your life is to change your mind.

This may sound simple, but you need to change your thoughts, beliefs and your subconscious as well. The subconscious controls everything. The good news is that you can give orders to the subconscious. And that you can find out what’s there, bring it to the conscious and it will no longer control you.

This sentence sums it up:

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will run your life and you will call it destiny.” – Carl Jung

One way to know what’s in your subconscious is to use shadow work, which I’m learning to do in the life coach course I’m taking.

Basically, through the results you have and the triggers you have, you can understand what’s in your subconscious. And then you work it to change your life!

I’m going to make a video about it and send it to my list. It’s called: Turn Setbacks into the Life You Want.

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