Is there something in your life that you really want, but it just isn’t happening for you?

Or something that you’ve wanted for a long time, but whatever you do, you still end up in the same place?

That happened to me with a lot of houses we wanted to buy, to move from Alcochete to Lisbon. 

In fact, they were 3.

I loved the first one, and I really wanted it. But there were a lot of complications with the owner, he was in a hurry and the bank didn’t answer us on time. So we lost it.

Then there was another one where I thought there was too much pollution, because it was near a busy road. Looking back, I feel it would be ok and it had an amazing panoramic river view.

The last one was in a great location, near the subway and a garden, but in the end the bank thought the investment was too big for us.

I was really frustrated, especially about the first house which I thought was AMAZING! 

Everything fell through.

And now I’m happy it did!

If we had invested in a house, I probably wouldn’t have the courage to invest in the life coach course I’m doing now and that I’m really really loving. 

And the truth is that those houses weren’t what I really really want. Now that can distance myself from it, the house I want is in another neighbourhood and it has some characteristics those houses didn’t have.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t be enjoying Alcochete and our house like I am this year, because I don’t need to go to Lisbon every day anymore.

You might not be able to see it now, but in some time you’ll know exactly why it was amazing that you didn’t get what you want today. 

This or something better, that’s what to aim for ;)

And remember that there’s always something better waiting for you!



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