Today I have a message for you that’s mainly a message for me ;)

What if you just stop the BS?

What if you just start doing what you know you need to be doing?

You already know the answers.

You already have the power.

You just need to own it.

You just need to let go of the need to sabotage yourself!

You just need to let go of the need to play small!

You just need to let go of all the BS!

Start doing today what you know needs to happen for you to live your best life.

You don’t need another book.

You don’t need another course.

And you don’t need anyone’s advice.

It’s all within already and you know it.

Just be truthful once and for all.

Just be brave enough to tell yourself the TRUTH!

Where are you failing, flaking out, where are you being less then you know you can and need to be?

That’s the problem right there.

And the solution too.

Just stop the BS and start doing today, what you know needs to happen.

Stop spending so much money, spending what you don’t have.

Stop putting things under the carpet and hope that they will disappear.

They won’t!

They’re right there, under the carpet. Waiting for you to acknowledge them.

To see with eyes that see…

That it’s time to STOP doing the same thing and expecting different results.

It’s time to own to the fact that you already know, and you know perfectly well, and you’re just too much of a lazy scared little shit that just won’t and refuses to do, what needs to be done.

Cut the cord. Sail the ship. Let it go. Start again. Start well this time.

Change for good, now.

It’s all you have.

Right now, this decision. This moment.

Tomorrow is in the future, yesterday in the past.

Act today or please, don’t tell me your excuses.

Don’t tell me why you can’t have it, can’t do it, it’s not happening and things just always repeat themselves.

You are creating the patterns.

You are repeating the same actions.

You are doing the same things.

Want a different result?

Change how you act – NOW.

Do it NOW or you’ll never do it.

NOW is really, the only time you have.

So yes, cut the BS.

Stop the lame same old excuses.

I don’t care about them. I don’t care why you need to do this or that. I don’t care about your lame lame lame same old excuses…

Because that’s all they are. Excuses. To not live into the real you. To not be the best you can be. To dim your light and go into the same carrousel again.

Playing your usual game. Living your usual life. Doing what you’re used to.

That won’t cut it anymore. That isn’t going to work anymore.

Stop it.

Open your eyes.

See it for what it is.

Know what’s happening.

You’re just putting your head in the sand. But guess what, you’ll have to breathe again and when you do, everything you don’t want will be there again…

That’s right. It won’t go away.

So that’s why I’m telling you now.

You better act now, today, and every day from now on.

Or just stop complaining, because I won’t listen anymore.

After all we’ve had this conversation.

We know you’re just not up to it and that deep deep down.

All you really want is to be exactly where you are.

With your usual problems, your usual complaints, your usual life.

If you really wanted something different, I’ll tell you what you’d do.

You’d stop reading this and you’d go do what you need to do to change things.

And you know exactly what it is.

So do it.

Write it down: What do I know I need to change now, to change my life?Write it for all the areas you want to change.

And then act on it, or stop complaining for good.

Either way, you’ll be finally at peace.



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