Today I want to tell you about an outfit I saw recently.

It was very simple: dark blue jeans, a navy blue long sleeved t-shirt or top and beige ankle boots.

Have you noticed how sometimes the simplest outfits are the ones that call for the most attention?

The ones that seem to be different?

You don’t need a very original outfit to look good.

The most important thing to look great is to:

  • choose pieces that fit you well (that are the right size for you),
  • choose good looking pieces
  • combine the colors in the right way. Which means, wearing at most 3 to 4 colours at a time. If you wear more, it will make you look too busy/ complicated. It will be confusing to anyone who looks at you.

What makes the difference in this outfit is also that it’s a total look in one color, except for the shoes.

A total one colour look always works and it’s different already, because most people don’t wear the same colour for top and bottom pieces.

And it looks amazing!

So these are the tips, and now you can try out this outfit.

To recreate this outfit wear:

  • dark blue skinny jeans (if you don’t have them, that would be a good addition to your wardrobe)
  • a dark navy blouse, sweatshirt, tee or sweater (again, if you don’t have one, it’s a great basic in a neutral tone)
  • lighter coloured ankle boots – beige or camel. You can also replace them for another light coloured shoes like white sneakers.

The idea is that the focal piece of the outfit are the shoes, because they are what stands out, paired with the dark outfit.

You can also make a similar look with a total black look: black top and black pants (or another dark colour).

Here are the pieces of the look

I hope you liked it!

Lots of Love,

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