There’s one great question you can use to know how to get what you want :)

Here’s the question:

Where do I think my <anything you want> is going to come from?

I asked myself this, answered it and got the answers I needed.

You really do already know everything you need to know ;)

One part of my answer was: Have fun! Make every day a day full of things that you love!

That’s why the other day, I decided to go shopping instead of working a bit more. And I felt great afterwards! And I also got some beautiful new clothes to make looks for Winter :)

I got that green dress I talk about here. Size XS was even better then the S.

I’m learning that Having Fun is the answer to lots of my “problems”. And I bet it helps with yours too ;)

That’s probably because having fun is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

It’s self care, it makes you feel better, it gets you out of negative states like worry, anxiety, sadness and so on.

It makes you feel AMAZING :)

So I guess having fun really is just what the doctor prescribed ;)

I’m sure having fun writing this post.

I had fun today doing a delicious banana and açai bowl with lots of toppings.

I had fun driving the new car we rented which is super cute, with a vintage interior, in white. Here’s a pic:

I had fun going to a new coffee shop which I love because it’s beautiful and it has Golden lattes (I wasn’t expecting that at all!)

I had fun writing my goals, journaling, envisioning my best life.

I had fun planning my day, organizing everything.

And again, now I’m having fun writing this post!!!

What makes you happy?

What is the most fun for you?

How can you do some of that, all day long?

For example, if you like to meditate, you can do it a few times during the day. If you like to go to the beach, schedule it in to go this weekend. Or at the end of the day. If you like drinking a warm drink, go to a coffee shop and have the drink you want.

Little breaks during the day can make a great difference, if you always do the same routine.

So, here’s the question again:

Where do I think my <what you really want> is going to come from?


Where do I think my success is going to come from?
Where do I think my health is going to come from?
Where do I think my style is going to come from?

You already have all the answers, so use your Inner Wisdom and get there quicker and… in your own way!

I love you!

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