Today I wanted to share this cute outfit I saw the other day.

Do you know when you see a woman who looks really stylish? She has the cute outfit, the cute bag, the cute nails…

I used to get triggered by these woman, because I wouldn’t give myself permission to do the same!

I’m still working on it, but now I know that I want to invest more in my image and style. And feel that it’s a bigger part of my life, every day.

I saw one of these women the other day and I loved her outfit. She was wearing grey skinny pants, silver ankle boots and a blue cardigan. The outfit I made has a beige cardigan because I couldn’t find a blue one… ;)

I loved the idea of just wearing a cardigan instead of a sweater. Sometimes I see cute short cardigans, made from a heavier knit, and now I’m going to see them as sweaters too ;)

Styling of the Cardigan

If it’s cold, you can wear a scarf.

A good trick is also to wear a thermal tee underneath, to feel warmer.

Maybe you think that silver boots are hard to combine, but the truth is that silver is a neutral tone. Which means it looks good with almost everything!

The silver boots will call for more attention, but that can be a good thing ;) It’s great if you want to disguise your belly or larger shoulders, by calling attention to your feet. It also works if you want to look more different!

This outfit would also look great with grey ankle boots. And if you choose another coat/bag, with other neutral tones like white or camel (remember the 3-4 colours per outfit rule).

What do you think? Is this something you’d like to wear?

Lots of love,

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