Today I want to tell you about being yourself.

And also acting from the best part of yourself.

The best part is the one that knows that anything is possible, and goes after what you want. That’s connected to a Universe with no limits and therefore knows that it has no limits.

Then there’s another part of you that’s the ego.

This part is important because it’s the part that has helped you survive. But it’s always telling your about your limits, why it’s not possible and how wrong you are in everything you do.

Which one would you rather talk to?

Which one would you rather believe?

If you want to believe in your higher self, in your part that knows that anything is possible, then you’ll have a much more joyful life ;)

Society is also always telling you everything that’s not possible, everything that limits you and creating rules and decisions that are often not true.

So the best you have to do is to follow your intuition. Follow your higher self.

Everything else is an illusion.

The truth is what we desire and what we see in our dreams.

So today I wanted to tell you to follow your truth, and forget all the limitations.

Go after what you want, but not in a desperate way.

Not believing that you have to have something to be happy or move along with your life.

We don’t always know what’s best for us, and if something doesn’t happen, something better is about to happen.

That’s why in this search for what you desire, you must also let go of all the need for it to happen.

Nothing is needed, because you already have everything you need inside of you.

Believe that you’ll undoubtedly have what you want, but at the same time, know that if you don’t have it, it’s because something better is waiting.

This or something better.

If I had been able to buy a house in Lisbon, where we wanted to invest and where we wanted to live, I wouldn’t take the life coach course I’m taking.

And that’s why I’m glad I didn’t get the house.

This or something better.

When you don’t get what you want, it’s because you were asking for too little.

Something better is waiting for you, and when you get there you’ll see that if you hadn’t missed that opportunity, you wouldn’t have gotten the other one.

So focus on what you want but know it will be that or something better.

Your desire are right.

What you see in your mind is right for you.

Each step will bring you closer to the ideal life you want.

You only need to act through your higher self, not be dominated by the ego. That is the same as acting in fear.

And when you act in fear, you’re limited.

Not only you’re not creating your desires, but you’re moving away from them.

You’re believing in what is wrong, in the limits, in the fear.

Where there is fear, there can’t be love.

Feelings and energies like love, hope, joy will take you wherever you want.

Acting based on fear, sadness, need will take you away from what you want.

So before you act, feel your energy.

What are you focusing on?

If you are focused on your desires, go for it.

If you are focused on anxiety, fear, sadness, frustration, etc.

Sit with that feeling. What does it want to tell you? Staying with the feeling will help you transcend it.

In conclusion:

Follow your desires, act from love.

Feel the fear, but don’t act when you’re afraid.

Let go of what you want, while knowing that you will receive what you want.

And this is it!

Simple right?


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