How to be successful right now

Today I want to tell you about surfing.

So I started these surfing lessons.

I decided I wanted to learn how to surf, strictly because it was my intuition telling it to me.

I kept thinking about surf, noticing surfing things and wanting to do a surf lesson, just out of nowhere. I decided that if it was my intuition, I definitely shoud follow it.

Do you agree?

Nothing is more soul satisfying then following our intuition I think. Because our intuition, it’s literally our soul speaking to us.

So are you listening to yours?

Lately I’ve been noticing this idea, that happiness is already there, we just need to take away what’s stopping us from seeing it.

You already have everything you need. You’re already in a great situation.

Even if you really don’t like where you’re at, when you start to see everything around you in a grateful way… that will be the best way to change anything you want to change.

But if you’re not happy right here, right now, with what you have… you’ll never be happy.

Happiness is inside of you, it’s not dependant on anything outside of you. And while we hope and plead for the exterior to change, we can’t enjoy the lives we have now.

And we won’t ever be happy.

Because how you do one thing, is how you do everything. Which means that, as soon as you get what you want and what you think will change your life, you’ll want something else because that’s just who you are.

Who you’re being now, and who you’ll be in the future, if you don’t change it now.

So the secret is to start seeing all the beauty all around you right now.

To start seeing all the love all around you right now.

To start to see everything good and amazing you already have in your life right now.

You are in a very good place.

You are amazing.

You can make anything happen.

And it starts with loving everything about where you are now.

Deep gratitude is one of the most amazing feelings.

And you can try it out right now. You just need to think about something that you’re deeply grateful for.

What is it?

Now be grateful for everything else, right now!

Deeply grateful :)

That doesn’t mean you won’t have a vision of different things, if you want them. That doesn’t mean you won’t follow your soul’s desires, just like I want to learn how to surf.

But should I be unhappy because I don’t know how to surf yet?

Of course not :)

And I’m also in love with the journey, because of two things:

1. I love most of the surf classes, just being in the ocean for a lot of time and riding the waves ;)

2. The classes that I don’t love, are teaching me something. And I’m growing. That’s one of my purposes in life, so it’s all for the best!

So keep going for your desires, and at the same time be happy with what you have right now.

Fall in love with the life you have!

You’ve created it and if you look at it closely, you’ll see it’s already really amazing.

So enjoy it :)

Isn’t that success?


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