Do you like floral dresses?

Flowers are a timeless print. There are always floral prints in stores :) So they’re a good investment.

One great way to combine prints is to wear them with solid colours from the print.

This dress in particular has a black background and it looks great with black. But you can also combine it with another colour from the print. Just remember to keep the whole look with 3 to 4 colours (the print is considered one of the colours).

The black background makes the print look a bit edgier. And the outfit will look even edgier by combining the print with black.

Since flowers are a more romantic, light print, the black really balances it out.

You can wear it with black tights.

Then a black heavy-knit cardigan like you can see here, or a black leather jacket. Or you can also wear it with a light cardigan and a black coat on top.

The cardigan will make the look more casual-chic and comfy. The black leather jacket will make it look more edgy and sophisticated. The light cardigan and coat make a more classic look.

It looks great with black ankle boots, but you can also wear it with sneakers, ballet flats, pumps, and so on.

It’s a very simple look but the floral print always looks great. At least I love flowers and I think most people do too ;)

If you feel cold, you can also wear a thermal t-shirt under the dress, or even a light sweater (with a V-neck so you don’t see it from the outside).

Who can Wear it?

A flower print dress looks great on everyone. If you are a bit overweight, choose a smaller print. If you want to disguise the belly, choose a dress that’s loose around the belly area or one with a low waist. A defined waist dress looks great if you have a defined waist.

Do you have a flower print dress?

If not, that’s a great basic to have in your wardrobe. And if you want it to look a bit edgier, go for a black background.

Pieces from the Look

Other option: Floral print dress

Lots of love,

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