Today I want to tell you about living your purpose!

Are you living yours?

I’ve been struggling with this purpose idea for ages. I’ve been trying to find my purpose and understand what I should be doing for many many years.

It all started because I wanted to do architecture but then my father convinced me to do computers engineering. So I did that course and I spent the rest of my life feeling that it wasn’t the right option.

Then I had kids, and I decided to stay home with them.

When my youngest was 3 years old, I had an opportunity to create a fashion business: an image consulting company with 4 friends. We did it, and we had a great time.

Fashion was always one of my passions, growing up. But I didn’t know how to look stylish. I bought all the magazines, I tried to follow what they “teach” there, but I couldn’t figure it out. It was in building that company with my friends who already knew more then me, that i found a method to learn, that worked for me.

But i digress because I was talking about finding your purpose and i was telling you my story about it ;)

So I followed fashion because that opportunity came. That was how I conducted a big part of my life – just going with the flow.

Next, I decided to create an online business to teach the method that helped me learn how to look stylish. And to help other women with their style.

But after a while I started to feel discouraged: I felt I was always talking about the same thing and I also felt that I needed to go deeper. For real change to occur, we need to go inside. And as I was teaching transformation, I decided to do a life coach course.

Then I had one more think to add to the equation: should I do life coaching? fashion and style? architecture?

It was never ending, this search.

What I’ve discovered lately, and working with my mentors in the life coach course I’m doing, is that my purpose is bigger then what I’m doing. Then my career or what I decide to work on.

My purpose is to grow, always. And I discovered in the retreat that my purpose is also to give love to my family, in my business, to the world. And bring light to other women, as I bring light to myself.

I can do that in many different ways.

Now I’m choosing to do that through my business, through fashion and style, through coaching and self-development. I think that they combine pretty well :) The exterior and the inside.

Being that, for the exterior to change, it’s much easier and definite, to change the inside.

For example, you may have a method, but are you really going to implement it, if you don’t believe you can have what you want?

So what’s your purpose?

What’s the most important thing for you?

And here’s one way to always be on purpose:

Know that you always have a main purpose which is to grow. Do everything you do to grow. Know that everything you’re doing is contributing to your growth. Everything happens for you.

And then you can see each result you have as something pointing to where you can grow. Where your mind is limiting you.

If you do everything for your own growth, you’re not attached to the results. Every result is just information that you can use to grow more.

The key thought, is to keep getting out of your comfort zone. Do what feels uncomfortable. Do what you’re afraid to do (as long as it doesn’t put you in danger ;)). Do what you could never do!

And that’s it!

Don’t make it something else ;)

Lots of love,

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