This is a quite simple outfit (tee + knee-length skirt), but it actually looks more complex because it has a mix of prints and a very colourful skirt.

It’s also an original outfit for the mid-season, because most women don’t wear skirts. Or mix prints ;)

I decided to share this with you to show you how to make a similar outfit with pieces from your own closet. Or from my closet ;)

I have one pleated skirt in orange so I’m going to wear it.

You can wear a pleated skirt from your closet or another full knee-length skirt.

Then pair it with a t-shirt and pumps/ballet flats or other shoes: it also looks good with sneakers or ankle boots (the pumps and ballet flats elongate the legs, which is great with these longer skirts).

In the first picture (click on it to see the full outfit) you can see that the prints look good together because they have similar tones. The t-shirt has some of the tones on the skirt.

This is a simple way to combine prints well.

Then they chose shoes/bag in one of the tones of the print. Which is again about using the colours from the print.

It also makes sure you keep the rule of 3-4 colours per outfit. In this case, the print is one of the colours.

Finally sunglasses because they always look cool ;)

I made my version of this outfit with my orange skirt, a t-shirt and black sneakers.

How will you make yours?

Lots of love,

P.S. I found this outfit in my style app CYOU (Choose Your Outfit). The idea is that you choose what to wear from a list of thousands of outfits that you can search by the pieces you feel like wearing, the season, the style you want to wear, and so on.

You find an outfit that you can recreate with the pieces in your closet and you do it. And if you don’t have the pieces, you also start to get an idea of what’s missing in your closet.

You’ll be able to enter the CYOU app in the future!

For now, if you want to start learning about your style and how you can change it. If you want to love the way you look. Then check out the e-book 7 Steps to Fantastic Style. xxx


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