Today I want to tell you that the World is for you. That the World is working for you, and always supporting you.

Have you ever felt exactly the opposite?

That the World is against you and out to get you? That people are out to get you?

I know how that feels, because sometimes I feel it too.

It happens when I start to feel down, and I start beliving the thoughts in my head. What my ego is telling me.

It never seizes to surprise me, how easy it’s to go from feeling good to feeling down (and vice versa). One day up, the other day down. That’s my life right there, every week.

You probably go through the same thing, we are all so much alike. That’s what I’ve been realizing lately.

Sometimes I thought I was the worst. The one who felt the worst. No one surely can feel as bad as I can. No one is as damaged as I am. No one had to go through so much, as I did.

But of course that’s not true. Those are just more lies we (or better, our ego) tells ourselves.

You are not different and you can do it as well as anybody else.

Because the other side of that is – everyone else can do it, except you.

Everybody else is great, except you. Everybody else is confident and can get what she wants, except, of course… You ;)

But let me tell you something. You are not that special ;) Or putting it another way, we are ALL that special!

Which includes you!

Yes, you!

You can do it. You have what it takes. You are as good as anybody else. There’s nothing so different or so broken about you, that you can’t do it. You are not as different from everybody else.

You are one amazing woman who can do anything she wants and desires and sees in her mind!

Back to that feeling that the World is out to get you…

The World, the Universe, isn’t out to get you. It’s out to help you. To support you.

Next time you think that the World is out to get you, I dare you to think differently. Be aware of your thoughts, that’s the first step. And when you notice them, ask instead:

What if the World is here to help me?

To support me?

What if this is happening for me?

What if this person isn’t out to get me?

What if this person is here to show me something? To show me my own unconscious beliefs? To show me what I’m afraid off? To show me the way?

What if it’s all just part of the path that will get you to where you want to be?

And when you become aware of what you’re afraid of and you can feel it, let it go and act anyway…

When you can let go of everything in your way: the crazy thoughts, the “bad” feelings and the wrong beliefs…

You can get anything you want.

Everything will come to you.

You’ll know that the World is here to support and help you.

You’ll know you are loved and people are here to support you too.

That’s what you’ll see around you.

Love, support, help.

What if the love, support and help are already there, and you’re just not seeing it?

Lots of love,

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