I loved this blogger I found out yesterday, and her style.

I was looking for pictures for my CYOU style app. Sometimes I find a blogger I adore. I fall in love with her style and I just keep adding more and more pics LOL.

I love her style because it’s easy and stylish. She wears lots of sneakers, flat shoes, basics.

Here are the …

7 Ways to Replicate an Easy Style

1. Wear a large straight dress with Boots

It’s really easy to wear – just add tights if you want to feel warmer.

And then ankle boots, sneakers, over the knee boots or as you can see on the pic, normal boots.

Also, wearing only one color always works ;) It elongates the figure and it looks different.

2. A black dress with sneakers

Here’s one look that you can adapt easily for Fall: Just add black tights. You can also replace the white coat for another constrasting, light color (like camel or beige), to keep the same vibe.

All-stars look great with a lot of different outfits, and they never go out of fashion.

3. Simple gold necklaces

You can replicate the details, like adding different gold/golden necklaces. The key is to have necklaces of different lengths. And to personalize it, choose pendants that have meaning to you.

4. Leggings + Long Sweater + Sneakers

One more very easy, comfortable look for Fall: add a coat to go out. Beige and black are a great combination.

5. Wear a Bold Colour with Neutral Tones

What makes the difference in this look is the colour – we usually go for coats and jackets in neutral tones, since they look good with everything. But it’s also great to have different colours, because they create original looks!

6. Ripped Jeans + Sneakers + Blazer

This is the typical casual-chic. Casual ripped jeans and white sneakers combined with a classic black blazer. It’s a great way to wear your blazers to a more casual occasion.

7. Sporty Beige Pants + Tighter Sweater

Beige pants are great because they go well with everything. Instead of a chunky large sweater, why not a tighter one? Just because it’s Fall/Winter, it doesn’t mean you have to be “bigger” all the time ;) And it balances out the sporty vibe of the pants.

Did you like this style?

What’s your favorite look? Why not try it out this weekend?

If you have any questions, let me know here in the comments below.



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Photos: Janni Delér

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