Are you grateful for everything in your life?

I noticed this today:

I’ve been wanting to return to Lisbon for some time now. But in one way or another, I end up not doing it.

Today I noticed that I’m not letting myself be grateful for being here. I guess I’m scared that, if I really enjoy being here, I’ll never return to Lisbon.

And then, where does that leave me?

I also noticed that I’ve been complaining a lot about this house. Sometimes I see other houses that I love and I even start to feel worst about my own.

So I realized I wasn’t being grateful for my house. I keep complaning and I don’t let myself enjoy it.

Today I answered this question: What’s good about my house?

And I got, of course, a lot of answers.

So many actually, that I started wondering: Do I really want to leave? LOL!

We can always focus on the good or the bad about anything. There are advantages and disadvantages to everything.

So what are you going to focus on?

The good or the bad?

And notice if you’re not letting yourself be grateful for something, because you’re afraid you won’t change it.

This attitude only makes things harder to come.

What you resist persists…

If you keep complaining about something, you’re pushing it to you. You’re making it closer.

If you want to change things, start by being grateful for things as they are.

When you’re grateful, you can create what you want. Your mind is in a great state.

When you complain, you can’t create what you want because you’re focused on what you don’t want.

Focus on what you want and be in a good state by being grateful for where you’re at.

Everything is perfect right NOW.

You have everything you need, right now.

And you deserve everything you want, right now.

Just be patient and you’ll get there.

Lots of love,

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