Here’s a cool trend for this Fall.

Sometimes trends are great to help us choose something different. One of this season’s trends is sweaters with ruffles.

Ruffles are a romantic detail. Many women don’t love them and I used to be one of them. Now I’m more open to trying on new things. And sometimes I just love what I thought I wouldn’t like!

Many times we don’t like something just because we’re not used to it. In that case, start with some discreet ruffles like the ones on this sweater.

Since the sweater is large and long, it looks well with skinny jeans, to balance the volume.

It can also look good with larger jeans, but it’s harder to pull it off. If you’re not careful you might end up looking like a big rectangle.

Which is fine when that’s exactly what you want ;)

But if you’re starting to learn about style stick with the rules, and balance the volumes. When you’ve learned more, you’ll naturally start to break the rules!

One friend of mine has these sneakers in black and they look great. White sneakers are a great basic and go well with practically everything. And leather is great because it lasts much longer.

You can add a coat in any colour, but grey is a neutral tone that goes well with everything. If you don’t have one of these classic coats, go for a neutral tone: camel and black are also great options.

Pieces from the Look

I hope you liked this outfit!

Lots of Love,

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