Today I want to tell you about doing things in the perfect way for you.

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing things, because “you don’t know how”?

Or researched the way others do it, but it doesn’t feel quite right. Or you try it out and it doesn’t work for you, so you end up giving it up?

I do that a lot!

Today I noticed something different: when you find a method, any method, and you start acting on it. Without worrying if you’re doing things perfectly. Or, you can think that but just keep moving anyway…

You’ll start to find new ways to make the method perfect for you.

I’ve been journaling for a long time now. And I researched and followed methods from a lot of different people. One does one brain dump first thing in the morning. Another one says to journal on your vision. Another one uses gratitude.

I just felt frustrated about it and sometimes I wouldn’t journal at all. It looked like one more thing to give me doubts and anxiety over: I’m not doing this right.

Lately I’m journaling every single day, and what is better, feeling great about the way I’m doing it. I always felt, after journaling, that it wasn’t quite working for me. I was afraid I was missing something, that I wasn’t hitting the mark.

I took too much time or I felt I didn’t journal enough time. I got bored about it. I didn’t want to write the same things every single day.

So now I’ve found one way that works for me.

And I realized that by acting, I found the perfect method for me.

As I was journaling, I figured out what worked and what didn’t work for me. As I kept going, without giving it up. Even if sometimes it felt frustrating and that I was doing the wrong thing. That I didn’t have enough time and it was taking too long. That there must be a better way.

I kept going.

What also changed lately is that I also put a timer on and decided: I have this time to do this. And that’s enough. So I also had to figure out one way to make it work faster.

And I made choices. I decided to do things in a certain way that works for me, although it’s not the way of some people I really admire.

The way they do it works really well for me, but it’s not the best for me. At least for the time being ;)

So I’d like to ask you:

What is one thing that you want to do, but you feel you don’t know how?

Maybe you want to lose weight or look stylish and you’ve researched a lot of different diets or outfits, tried them out.

But if you follow, your intuition. If you go with what comes up for you, the next step that comes from you.

That’s where the gold is.

Others can show us their way and show us clues to our own way. And then we can create our way, some times by building on what we’ve learned.

But if you only try to do things the way others do it, it can work but it’s not perfect for you. The way that is perfect for you it’s shown to you as you act. As you start going forward in any way you choose as the first thing to try and practice.

So maybe you start with a diet and you change it to fit your needs.

Maybe you start with a journaling method and you change it to fit your needs.

The way you like to do it. The way it feels good to you. The way you can do it, thinking about the amount of time you have.

It’s all for you.

You can make it work for you!

Lots of love,

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