Today I wanted to tell you about doing whatever you want!

Sometimes we limit ourselves with the things we think we need to do.

How do we figure these things out?

By doing what others are doing…

Modeling is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. Learning from others cuts through time and helps us get there easier and quicker.

But if you only do what others do, it won’t really work for you.

Because you’re different. You’re unique. You’re you.

There’s only one you and there’s a better way to do things, for you.

you are the expert in yourself. You’re the one who can create the best way for you.

So today I was thinking about sharing posts in Portuguese and English, in Facebook (is it in, is it on? ;))

I started thinking – well, that doesn’t work, others don’t do it that way, blah blah blah

I thought also – who says I can’t?

Who says I can’t do it my way. Being that my way is the way that feels good to me?

That is guided by my intuition and my soul?

I’m becoming more and more spiritual as I continue my life coach course.

More connected to soul, to intuition.

I’m starting to see the World is a reflection, it’s just a construction, created by my own mind. A fantasy if you will. And in this fantasy, I handed up scripts to people to play parts. They’re playing their roles. I did everything.

And I can create something different. I can hand different scripts. I can change my life.

So who says you can’t?

Probably you!

What others say doesn’t count. You gave them the script, remember. So that’s what you believe. You’re seeing yourself.

So know you can do it!

You decide. You’re in control. You’re the captain. You’re in charge. You have all the power. And you can do anything you want.

I’m starting to see that what you love, what you want to do, is the best path. The right path. As long as it’s from soul, not from ego.

So the thing you’re afraid you can’t do?

Go for it.

You can and should do it.

Try it out. Don’t be afraid. What’s the worst that can happen? Nothing too important I bet.

And the best that can happen is you connecting to your intuition, to your soul. And starting to live the life that you’re meant to live.

Lots of love,

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