Today I want to tell you about being unrealistic.

About going for your dreams and doing what you want.

I don’t care about being realistic.

Don’t tell me about your limitations or my limitations.

There were 2 times when I felt: “I shouldn’t be with this therapist.”

And they both were when they told me what I couldn’t do or be.

When they told me what was realistic for me.

Thanks but no thanks.

I don’t come here you for you to tell me all that I can’t be.

Thanks but I can do that for myself.

And in fact I do, a lot of times.

I’m learning how to stop it thought… ;)

If you have a limited vision for your life, great. If you have a limited vision for my life, great but just don’t share it with me, please?

Why would you do that? LOL

But probably because people reflect what we think. And I’m thinking that my life is limited. I’m thinking I can’t have what I want. I’m thinking it’s not realistic.

I can’t do or be that.

Well, enough of that.

I’m going to be and do and have whatever I want.

That’s my new affirmation for this year!

No limits!

No realistic BS.

What about you?

What do you think is possible for you?

If you said everything, awesome!

That’s just right!

Lots of love,

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