Do you want to feel ALIVE?

Do you know that feeling of feeling ALIVE?

Feeling that you’re here, that you’re present?

That life is AMAZING?

I’ve been feeling this a lot more lately.

Sometimes I think I’ve never been happier in my life.

Of course that’s not true, because I remember being very happy before.

But at one point, life became a little more depressing.

For years I was unhappy most of the time.

Then I had children and while they were little it was awesome. Now they’ve grown up, each one has their own life and they no longer need their mother as much, naturally.

So I returned to my normal lethargic state again.

But lately, things seem brighter, more beautiful.

I’ve been reading a book – the Celestine Prophecy – that says seeing the beauty in things is an important step. When I read it, I realized that I was seeing things differently.

I go through the same places but I notice things I’ve never noticed. A fallen tree here, but it’s spectacular. A green space that I had never SEEN before but has been there for a long time. Things that meant nothing, became beautiful to me.

If this makes no sense to you, Ok, I understand ;)

But if you’d like to feel more alive and start having more moments where the world looks amazing to you….

I thought: Why do I see things this way now?

And I think it’s because of the process we do in the coaching course I’m taking.

The course ends in two months but I’ve learned a lot and I’ve worked a lot on myself.

Of course I’m in the beginning, but the changes are big and important and I’m feeling them, big time!

Carl Jung says: “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who we really are.”

If you don’t know yourself, you’re just living a half-life. You’fe living the life you have been conditioned to have.

You spend so much energy making sure you show who you want to the world that you don’t have the energy to create your dreams. And you also can’t, because you have no choice. If you’re conditioned, there’s no choice, although it seems there is.

So I decided to make a group called Feeling Alive, for those who want to know more about the process we do in the life coaching course.

And for those who want to do it and be free to create the life they want.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, the unconscious will run your life and you will call it destiny.” – Carl Jung

In the group I’ll have videos where I’ll explain how to do the process for you.

Join the group here: Feeling Alive

Lots of love,


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