So you’re taking action towards your dreams, but now the question is: How are you acting?

You can act from an energy of feeling great, of feeling that you’re doing the right thing. You can act while feeling calm. Or you can act from an anxious energy, an energy of “I’m not going to get what I want” or “I don’t want to do this”.

The problem is you’ll receive the energy you put into the action.

If you act while feeling frustrated, your results will make you feel frustrated. What you give, is what you receive.

If you act while feeling amazing, your results will make you feel amazing. Again, what you give out, you receive back.

The other day I noticed that I was rushing through writing my post, just wanted to do it. And I was thinking that maybe I wasn’t doing it right.

Then I decided to do it more calmly.

I asked myself: why am I so anxious? What’s going on? I felt I didn’t have time for everything and that I wasn’t doing the right thing.

So I started to write calmly. I do have time for everything. I am doing the right thing, writing the right way.

So I can be calm.

Then the action became much more fun. I felt good writing. I was calm and happy. I was present with what I was doing.

When you’re present, you can enjoy anything you do.

Do you know those tasks you’re always doing, like cleaning the kitchen, and you start feeling that you have to do it? And that you don’t want to?

Well, you can see everything as special.

If you’re present with what you’re doing, you’ll notice everything is amazing.

If you are present with what you’re doing now, instead of rushing through it, thinking about what you have to do later.

You can enjoy the moment.

Every task is a good task. I’m not saying you can’t delegate things that don’t move the needle the most. But you can enjoy everything you do.

You get to do this, not you have to do this.

If your intention is to run and do the most things you can, you’ll always feel anxious and you won’t enjoy anything you’re doing.

On the other hand, if your intention is to enjoy the action, enjoy the moment. If you act only for the sake of the action, to do it in the best way possible. The results will be different. Because you are being different.

So who are you when you’re acting?

What’s the feeling you’re putting out there?


Anxiety creates anxiety

Fear creates fear

Frustration creates more frustration

On the other hand:

Excitement creates more excitement

Calm creates more calm

Love creates more love

So what feeling do you want to create?

Remember that before you act!

In conclusion…

How to Act to Have Amazing Results

  1. Be present: that will make you feel good about any activity
  2. What’s your intention for acting – are you acting for the sake of the action? To do the best you can? Or with a negative intention like rushing to do another thing? Or to get a result you’re attached to?
  3. Notice how you’re feeling/thinking while acting. Do you feel you’re doing the right thing? Do you feel calm or are you anxious, afraid, doubtful?

Notice how you’re acting and get the results you want.

Act feeling amazing and get amazing results!

Lots of love,

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