I thought I’d tell you some things I’m thinking of doing about my style this year, because it can also give you some ideas for yourself!

Here they are:

1. Radical Decluttering

For starters, I’m doing a radical decluttering in my wardrobe. This time I’ll have no mercy! The truth is that most of the times I’m ready to get rid of things but then I start thinking … what if I feel like wearing this? What if I regret it?

So I’ll put everything in one or several bags and store them in the basement for a while. If I go looking for something, fine, I can keep it. Otherwise it’s a sign that I no longer need it.

I’m going to get rid of everything I don’t like very much, what’s damaged, and what I haven’t used in a year. I’ll also keep chicer dresses because I don’t wear them so much normally but they’re great for parties or events and I also keep them for my daughter.

Then I’ll organize everything better so my wardrobe isn’t a mess ;).

2. Buy more clothes every month

It’s good to go shopping when you’re inspired because there are days when nothing seems to look good on you, and days when everything seems to look good. Enjoy the days when everything looks great on you and stock up :)

I want to use more different things and also more comfortable things. As I am working more from home this year, I think I’ll buy some leggings and slim pants to wear with sweatshirts / sweaters in winter.

And also low-waisted tights because the high-waisted ones irritate me a lot. To wear with dresses and skirts.

If you want a list of the basics you should have in your wardrobe, send me a message to lena@lenapenteado.com telling me why you need it, and I’ll send it to you.

3. Wear make up more often

Continuing, I also want to start wearing more makeup. I’ve had this goal several times but now I’m going to start making more videos. I think with this incentive I’ll use makeup more often ;)

4. Buy better shoes

Start buying more quality pieces like good shoes and better brands. Shoes make a lot of difference in the look and it’s good to invest a bit more. They are also pieces that you use often, so it’s a good investment.

5. Buy without trying it on

I’ll also start doing something that a friend of mine does: buy clothes without trying them on.

It’s true that, if you know your size well, you don’t have to try it on. Take it home, try it out there, and then if you don’t like something, return it.

Because I often go to the stores and I like something but then I don’t feel like trying it on. How about just buying it?

But it’s better to do this in stores where you already know the sizes which look good on you. Wearing the right size is super important!

6. Follow my intuition

I usually buy large clothes and I love large pieces. But this year I also want to buy tighter things. And also whatever I feel like. Follow my intuition and buy / wear what I feel like wearing right now.

And I think that’s good for now!

If you want some ideas for yourself, try journaling about this:

How can I easily change my style this year?

What three actions can I do in January?

Then start implementing what you said.

Without acting, nothing changes!

If you act, everything changes!


P.S. Want that list of the wardrobe basics? Send a message to lena@lenapenteado.com and tell me why you need it :) xxx

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