Today I want to tell you about loving yourself.

And about feeling safe to do it.

I think the problem is we’re taught to learn and improve with critics and punishment. That’s how society as evolved until now.

And then, we start to feel unsafe about loving ourselves.

At least that’s one of the motives.

We’re afraid that if we love ourselves, we’ll slack down.

Maybe you’re afraid that if you love yourself, you won’t be able to achieve anything. You’ll just be there, in love ;)

Maybe you’re afraid that if you love yourself, you’ll become too confident and cocky.

Whatever it is, it’s costing you, big time.

Because there’s nothing as important as you loving yourself.

Do you agree?

That’s what I’ve been thinking about lately.

It’s safe to love myself.

It’s safe to put myself first.

It’s safe to believe in me.

It’s safe to be there for me.

It’s safe to think about me and take care of me.

It seems simple but in reality sometimes it’s not.

How do you love yourself even?

Well here are some ways I’ve been using:

  • Listen to your intuition and following what you want instead of what everybody else wants
  • Realizing what are your boundaries and enforcing them.
  • Setting new standards: what’s ok with you and what’s not
  • Noticing what I love to do, what I want to do, what I need.
  • Thinking about ways others took care of you. Like my grandmother who used to make delicious meals that I loved. She did my favorite dishes.

Do you do that for yourself?

I think I need to love myself more.

And I’m taking care of it!

I’m starting to love myself, to feel happy to just be myself.

Sometimes I go to the old way of thinking about things like achievement, success, money, whatever.

Sometimes I feel that nothing is working or I’m going backwards.

But then I realize that’s not true.

I’m doing what I love to do and I’m happy about it. Things are evolving and growing.

I want and I’m passionate about bringing the things that I’m learning to others.

I’m taking one step at a time.

Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m going to do next month, next week or tomorrow.

But I know what I want, I have a vision.

I know I can get to that vision.

And I know I’m going in the direction of my vision.

And I know that the way will be shown to me.

So I’m just going, my happy self, doing my good habits. Following my intuition more and more.

And learning how to love myself through it all.

What about you?

Are you loving yourself?

Do you have a vision?

Are you getting there?

And most importantly do you believe you can get there?

When you start to love yourself, it becomes easier and easier to believe you can.

As you feel safe to put yourself up, instead of tearing yourself down, you start to see things differently. In a better light.

In a happier light.

You start to see possibilities and the truth is, you don’t even care if you didn’t get to that vision because you start to feel super happy where you are.

And at the same time, this is the perfect way to get anything you want… Being in that energy of love.

So yes, it’s safe to be yourself.

It’s safe to love yourself.

You can do it and you can start to love your life now.

And that will only help you arrive where you want to go.

Lots of love,

P.S. A great way to love yourself is to know yourself better. And loving all parts of you. I’m showing how to do that in the new facebook group Feeling Alive. Join us here:

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