Today I want to tell you about being the queen.

Being your most powerful version.

Not being the princess, but the queen.

The queen knows what she wants and she knows she can have it.

The queen is used to being well treated, taken care of.

The queen knows most people love her, she is loved. She is admired. She is in her power.

The queen has time to take care of herself. To look good.

The queen wears the best clothes, she invests in her style and image, 100%.

The queen is powerful.

The queen isn’t afraid to show who she is. The queen knows she is accepted and everything is ok.

The queen as little fear. She knows she is protected. She knows her role. She knows who she is and what she has to do.

The queen has owned her good side, her qualities.

The queen isn’t afraid to shine. She was born to shine. And shine she does.

The queen is confident. She is amazing. She is adored. She is the queen.

I want to ask you: what qualities do you think the queen has, that you don’t have?

What we admire in other women or men, is already inside us. But if you don’t have it, that means you don’t want it to surface.

You don’t want people to know that about you.

But why, you might ask?

Well, because you think that it’s not good for you.

Maybe it’s not appropriate, in your own eyes, to be confident. To be adored. To be in your power.

Maybe you were judged and criticized for being cocky. For being too good at something. For being powerful and showing it.

So you’ve decided it’s not ok to be like that. You’re not accepted if you’re like that.

But you admire those qualities in other women, because they’re still inside you. They’re just hidden.

But you can get them again. You can be confident, adored, powerful. Or anything else you want.

You start by knowing that what you see in others is also already inside you.

And that you can start acting like a person with that qualities does.

What would a confident person do? What would a person who knows she is loved do? What would a person who is in her power do?

Then take that action and notice the resistance in your mind. What are you telling yourself? Move towards that feeling. Listen to the stories but without believing them. They’re not the truth, just an interpretation.

Then you are free to act as you want and to be who you want to be.

So go be the queen!

You have everything inside of you already :)

Lots of love,

P.S. Wanna know more about being the queen? About being the person you want to be, and being who you really are? Then check out the facebook group Feeling Alive: I’m going to do some free trainings about being you and creating the life of your dreams. xxx

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