Do you know when you decide on something new and then all hell breaks loose?

Recently I’ve decided to be more productive.

Then this happened:
– I stopped having Internet in my house, since the middle of December (a story for another time ;))
– The key to my house stopped working well, so sometimes I just arrive home and have to go someplace else
– my husband went on a trip so I had to do everything on my own
– When I’m working on coffee shops, sometimes the net just stops working
– and much more :)


These are the magic tests!

What’s happening is that you’re starting to change things.

But your brain doesn’t want you to change, it’s programmed to keep you safe. By doing what you’ve always done.

So now all these crazy things start to happen – the magic tests ;)

And they’re great excuses. Now you have the perfect excuses to stop what you’re trying to do.

But the key is to keep going. Push through the resistance. Through the magic tests.

That way you’ll break the old pattern and you’ll be able to do what you really want to do.

Don’t get discouraged, don’t stop.

Just push through the magic tests.

Push through the resistance.

And you’ll get to the other side.

If you give up, you’ll just go back to where you were before.

And that’s not what you want, right?

Lots of love,

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