Today I want to ask you, what do you REALLY want?

Because sometimes we say we want things, just because others have them….

We don’t know ourselves very well, actually.

We see what others are doing, they seem happy, that’s what everybody else is looking for, so it must be good.

And we start to try to do that thing too.

Maybe it’s having lots of money.

Maybe it’s living in a big city.

Maybe it’s having a partner, kids.

A house in the country.

Traveling to different places.

Maybe it’s doing an online business ;)

Whatever it is, you must know if it’s a desire that comes from the ego, or from the soul.

The ego will tell you all the things you need, to conform to society.

To advance and be successful by the rules of the external World.

For example, the ego may convince you that you hate living where you live, it’s wrong for you. The ego will show you how everything is terrible about a certain situation.

I was noticing this today. How I was walking near the river, with a wonderful view, and I kept criticizing it anyway. These trees are so small, this coffee shop looks old, this just isn’t enough.

Then I realized how I was thinking and I asked: how can I change this? How can I just appreciate where I am?

And the answer was: Be present. Be present in the moment instead of comparing it with other moments. Instead of thinking about the future and how I want to be someplace else.

So the ego will kill the joy out of things.

Out of whole days even.

And make your life miserable, if you let it.

Instead, why not listening to your soul?

That’s my goal for now!

Listening to that other part of you, that has higher knowledge. That wants what really and trully makes you happy!

Maybe it’s just a walk in the park – in any park – with the people you love.

Maybe it’s just running and having fun, no matter where you are.

Maybe it’s just enjoying yourself, even in the most unprobable place.

Maybe it’s seeing the good in everything.

When you can access your soul, your higher self, you’ll see that you need very little, in truth.

You’ll see that you already have a lot.

And you already have everything you need also, inside of you.

You’ll see that you’re the one that can give everything to you.

You’ll feel amazing.

And you’ll be able to start creating an authentic life, that has meaning to you.

A life based on who you truly are!

And that’s all!

Lots of love,

P.S. Want to know more about accessing your soul, about acting from your higher self instead of being ruled by the ego and your conditioning? Then join us in the new Facebook group Feeling Alive, here:

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