Today I want to tell you about one way to improve your image and style. The great advantage is that this way is perfect for you!

So how do you do it?

You have two ways actually. I was thinking about one and now I remembered another one ;)

The first one is to write your own affirmations. About style and beauty.

Here are some you can use, but you should write the ones you feel are perfect for you. How do you find them?

Just ask yourself: what do I wish was true, about my image and style?

Here are some examples:
My hair looks shiny and amazing. I am beautiful. My makeup looks natural and good. I look amazing. I’m fit, toned, lean. I always know how to create great looking outfits. I love my style. Every morning I create an amazing outfit in an instant. I always get compliments about the way I look. I love to take care of my beauty. I know exactly how to make my hair look good. I look better and better every day. and so on.

Write everything in the present tense, as if it’s already happening. And you’ll start to create it naturally.

The second way to improve your image and style is to journal about it. Or meditate about it.

Journaling is really powerful, you just need to write without thinking, so your ego doesn’t hijack the process and it’s coming from your higher-self. The part that knows everything and has all the answers for you.

You can ask: How can I improve my image and style right now?

Or: What’s the best way to improve my image and style?

And you’ll get the answers you need to hear!

The next step is to take action on what you’ve learned.

Writing things down won’t help you at all if you don’t act.

With the affirmations, write them down every day or record yourself saying them, and listen to them every day. You’ll then start to create what you affirmed.

When you’re writing or listening to the affirmations, you need to feel as if they’re already true.

If you can’t believe it yet, you can affirm:

I choose to believe that I’m beautiful. I choose to believe that my hair looks amazing. and so on.

But also, sometimes it’s a matter of repetition. Sometimes you feel and think: “well, that’s not true”. But as you keep repeating it, it comes to a point where it will feel true.

So there you have it.

Another quick tip for the affirmations: use lots of “I am” statements. As you assume another identity, the identity of the person you want to be, you’ll naturally act like her. And so it makes it easier for you.

There’s a third way which is perfect for you, to improve your image and style. And this one goes deeper!

It’s by integrating the parts you’ve rejected, that are in your unconscious.

Imagine that your mother didn’t care about her image, that she thought is was vain and unimportant. Or you had friends that told you that. You could then reject the part of you that wants to look good and loves clothes.

So you don’t spend a lot of time taking care of your image and style because when you do, you feel you’re doing something wrong. Maybe you feel guilty or ashamed.

If you bring that part back, you’ll see that you won’t avoid looking beautiful or having style.

You need to accept the part of you that loves beauty, style and fashion.

One way to do it is to act like the person who loves beauty and style. What would she do?

You already have a lot of suggestions, if you did the exercises before ;)

And then stay with the feelings that arise when you take those actions.

I hope this helped!

If you read till here, do at least one of the exercises.

And then, tell me how it was, I’d love to know ;) Or share in the comments bellow!

Lots of love,

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