Today I wanted to tell you about making simple and easy looks.

Because for a long time I complicated my outfits. I thought that to have style, I needed to make very complete outfits, with a special bag and lots of accessories.

And then I realized that often the cutest outfits are the simplest. Like a pair of jeans and a simple white t-shirt and it’s what looks better.

Because the cutest look is also the one that makes us feel good and more at ease.

The cutest set is the one that best suits your style, your body type.

And that makes us feel comfortable and well.

If you’re not comfortable you can’t have style, because you’ll feel awkward.

So what simple outfits can you wear?

Here are some options:

1. Skinny jeans with a loose, long, white t-shirt (or other neutral tone). You can put the front of the t-shirt tucked inside your pants.

If it’s cold or for the morning / night, add a heavy or medium knit cardigan. Or a simple sweater or sweatshirt. For shoes: sneakers, ankle boots, sandals if it’s warmer.

2. Same as above but swap the skinnys for straight jeans and the long t-shirt for a shorter, cropped one.

3. A total look in one color: wear neutral tone pants, with a t-shirt or blouse of the same color and a jacket or cardigan of the same color. Or just the pants plus a sweater of the same color. The shoes can be the same color or another neutral tone.

4. A simple, neutral tone dress with transparent tights. Camel ankle boots or another neutral shade and a cardigan. Or a short sweatshirt or sweater.

And there you have it, you already have some ideas. As you can see, these outfits have no accessories. They are simple but look great.

Try it out!

Lots of love,

P.S. Last year I did a program called “Create Your Style for The Season” in Portuguese, on how to make simple outfits for the season. If you’d like know more about this, send me a message to

Let’s talk about making simple outfits. And then you can add something more, of course. But the base will already look great!

And we’ll also talk about trends and how to use them, this season.

If it makes sense to you, if you want pre-defined outfits, send a msg to We’ll start on March 7th, to be ready for the mid-season!


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