Today I wanted to talk about resistance and to continue even when you feel resistance.

But what’s resistance?

Resistance is what you feel and what you think when you are afraid of something, when your ego tells you that that’s not the right path.

The ego wants to keep you safe, wants you to stay where you are. This is the safest. The brain wants to save energy. The ideal is to change nothing.

But you know that’s not true, you know that to move forward, you need to get out of your comfort zone. And you try to do that.

That’s when resistance comes in. The ego will try everything to keep you where you are. And it has several ways to do it. Things will also happen outside to stop you – or so it seems.

It seems that everything is against you.

But this is where you must keep going forward. You need to go through the resistance and continue.

If you stop, you go back to where you were. If you continue, you get what you want …

What will it be?

Here are some ways resistance appears: feeling confused, not knowing what to do, having several excuses to stop.

I didn’t feel like writing here today either. Resistance is there many times. But here I am writing, because I decided that’s who I am. I’m a writer. And so I write every day.

The best way to change something is to change to be the person who does that thing.

For example, if you want to be healthy and eat well, say and write in your journal: I am healthy and I eat well. See yourself as a super healthy and fit person. Define yourself as her. What does she do and what does she eat? How does she think about being healthy? Does she think: “Bummer, I can’t eat this burget and I have to eat this salad” or “I love salad and it’s so good to eat these foods, they make me feel so good!”?

If you want to achieve something, say and write that you are the person who already has that thing. For example in my case: “I have a Tesla”, so I’m rich and I can buy anything I want. How does a rich person think and what does she do? She’s on top of her money, she knows where it’s going, she knows how to invest, she has learned about money and every day she knows what’s going on with it. She’s in control of her money.

So continuing because I got lost!

So here I am writing. I was feeling resistance but I sat on the chair, I went into WriteRoom and started writing. It’s simple. But it is not easy at times. When the resistance is at full speed.

Resistance will prevent you from having what you want, if you let it.

It will help you to give up, if you let it.

It will keep you on the sofa, with a blanket and a cup of tea (although that sounds good;)), without going for what you want.

The problem is that we always want more, it’s natural for anyone.

The trick is to love where you are while moving to where you want to go.

For that you have to go through the resistance. Don’t let it stop you. Hear the phrases of the ego and continue. Hear “negative” thoughts but don’t believe them. Stay with your feelings. Let them go. And keep going.

The only way is to keep going. To stop is to give up. If you give up, you can’t do it, obviously :)

If you continue, you cannot fail. You are overcoming your barriers, growing, choosing the biggest path. And that takes you to all the best places.

Everything comes from your mind.

The enemy is also your mind.

Continue and join the possibilities. Stop, and join the impossibilities.

What will you choose?

Do you know that you can have everything you want or do you know that you cannot?

I know what I’m choosing ;)

Lots of love,

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