I was at my mother’s 70th birthday last weekend and a friend asked me how to be able to stop eating so much sugar.

What I told her, because that’s been my own experience with health and wanting to stop eating certain foods…

Because I wanted to stop having coffee or matcha, because that’s not very good for my health. And I also turned vegan some months ago. And that’s a big change because I had some fish and meat, eggs. And now I eat much more beans, chickpeas, …. I had to replace those proteins.

How do you do that shift? How are you able to stop eating certain foods in an easy way. Because it’s not that easy, when you’re going to do a big change.

You have your habits. The foods that make you feel good, you have to let them go.

So the simplest way to do that is to see yourself as an healthy person.

If you think: I’m a healthy person… how would you act?

And you can follow people on instagram or facebook, healthy people and you notice they have certain habits and that they put their health first.

So when you say I’m a healthy person, you start to have a new identity.

You go from wanting to be healthy to being healthy by seeing yourself as an healthy person.

Now you have certain habits.

And instead of saying: I can’t have meat. Which only makes you want it more…

When I was thinking: I can’t have coffee, I felt really frustrated. Why can’t I have coffee? Everybody is drinking it all the time… and while I focused on that I felt frustrated and that I had to sacrifice a lot.

When I switched to: I’m a healthy person, so I don’t have coffee. I don’t want to have coffee because that’s not who I am. And I just identified with those people who think about their health first. And it was much easier to stop driking coffee.

I also had to look at my feelings, why did I want to have that coffee? I had to look at what was happening, instead of trying to find a quick fix.

As I decided: I’m a healthy person, and I’m vegan, well now I have to find solutions. I need to understand why I need this coffee. And instead of feeling frustrated and having that coffee, and doing what you’re used to do… If you say: I’m this person. If I’m wealthy.

What does a wealthy person do? Would she be aware of where is she spending her money?

As you see yourself as a different person you are able to take different actions, think in a different way. And you also need to research what that person does.

With style it’s the same thing. With my style I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know the basics, how to create outfits that look good… so I had to learn them from the people who already have style.

That’s why you need someone to help you because as you step into a new identity, you have to learn new things. And you can learn it from people who have what you want or that do what you want to do.

So that’s it, the easiest way is to just start saying I’m healthy, I’m wealthy, I’m <what you want>. Start seeing yourself as that person, change your identity.

And then when you’re feeling down, less motivated, you can think that you are this new person. And it will help you stick with it.

I hope that helps!
Lots of love,

P.S. I’m almost finishing my life coach course and I’m not sure of what life area to choose, although I have an idea. But I’d love to hear from you. What would you like to hear from me? How could I help you more? I’ll be waiting for your answer :) Send it to lena@lenapenteado.com.

Lots of love!

Photo: Maya Gipsy

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