Slow and steady, calm and focused.

Have you noticed that sometimes there’s this person right beside you.

She’s trying to do things with conviction. She’s looking confident. She’s doing it really well. And then, she starts failing?

Why is that?

I noticed this in my choreographed step class. It’s a focus thing that class. As soon as you are unfocused, you start to make mistakes. A flicker of a second may be enough.

If you’re focused, you just do everything. You do it calmly, in a calculated and at the same time, free way. You’re not focused on others around you, or on what you’re thinking. That means failure.

You must focus on what you’re doing, and on doing it well. And that’s it. You’re having fun. You feel free.

If you start thinking that others are doing it better than you, you fail.

If you think you’re not doing it very well, you fail.

If you feel anxious because you think you don’t know the steps very well, you fail.

It’s really a focusing exercise. Can you be focused, 100%, no other thoughts, on what you’re doing?

Can you stop worrying about if you’re doing it well, if you’re able to do it, what others think about what you’re doing?

Can you take all the thoughts, doubts, questions and just keep one thing?

Your focus and unwavering attention on what you’re doing?

Then you have a chance, a very good chance, of having a great class. Or at least a pretty good one.

How we do one thing is how we do everything. How we’re successful in one thing shows us how to be successful in other things.

It seems obvious to me now that, to be successful in what I’m doing, whatever it is, I need to focus on the action alone.

Put all other things aside. Your thoughts, who you are, what you need to get done today. What others think, what they’re doing, ….

Focus on you. There’s no one but you. And this thing you’re doing.

And you can act well, and while having fun and enjoying it, if you totally focus on it.

If you don’t worry if you’re doing it right, or perfect. If you’re going fast or slow.

Nothing of that matters if you’re just focused on what you’re doing. Doing it the best you can now. Doing it because you enjoy it. Nothing can go wrong if that’s your focus.

So what are you going to focus on today?

While you’re doing your things?

While you’re working?

I think I’m going to think more and more about doing a good job, doing the best job I can, and on nothing else!

Lots of love,

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