Today I thought about telling you about this one thing you really need to have style.

I remember when I was a teenager, I really liked fashion and I tried for many years to read fashion magazines, watch fashion shows, looking at other women and trying to figure out how they did it…

Until I finally realized what’s needed and… it’s to learn.

It’s like riding a bike or swimming, first you need to learn.

We think that it should be easy because we get dressed every day, and that becomes an excuse for not learning what’s needed, to have style.

So with style you need also to learn. You need to learn certain rules, basics.

You need to learn how to do it. It’s a process. It’s not hard to learn but there are things you need to know.

And then you need to practice. As you create your outfits, you start noticing what works and how to style different pieces.

For example, when you put on a dress, what goes well with that dress? What shoes can you wear? What jacket? And you can learn as you put things together.

And that’s not so easy to figure out in the beginning but I have an app that helps you answer those questions.

But first it’s about learning because if you don’t know the theory, it’s hard to understand what’s not working in your outfit and your style. For example, you need to balance the colours, or you need to look proportional, wear the right size, and so on.

If you want to learn the theory in a condensed form, I have an ebook called 7 Steps to Fantastic Style and there you have all the essentials and basic theory. I included in the e-book the most important things I learned and that really make a difference in your style.

And then I have a style app called Choose Your Outfit, that helps you understand how to style good looking outfits.

You start to see that most things go well with everything. It seems really simple and it’s very intuitive, after you have learned it.

It’s like riding the bike. With practice, you become better and better at it.

Here’s the link to the e-book, so you can learn the theory: 7 Steps to Fantastic Style –

And soon I’ll have my style course Stylish EveryDay and the app Choose Your Outfit available. You can go to my website, and get a free chapter of the e-book 7 Steps to Fantastic Style and you’ll start to receive my newsletter. I’ll let everyone know as soon as the course is available.

Lots of love,

P.S. If you skipped till here, the one thing is learning how to have style. You need to start with the basics and I have an ebook with all the essentials you need to know. Check it out here: 7 Steps to Fantastic Style –

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