Today I want to tell you that the place you’re at now, is perfect.

That everything is perfect exactly as it is.

And that everything works out exactly as it’s meant to.

The other day I heard this phrase and I felt really relieved.

I’m not doing anything wrong. I can’t burn the company down.

I’m just going through my path and learning as I go.

I spent many years thinking without acting, trying to understand things, feeling confused.

And now I know that was also needed. It was needed so that I could understand that the way to get out of a funk, is to move forward.

to start acting.

To act, no matter what.

No matter what are the excuses, the reasons to stop.

No matter the confusion, the questions, the doubts.

No matter how I’m feeling or what I think I want to do.

As long as I act, something happens. And then I know more. And then I can correct my course.

And that’s how I realized that what matters most is that I keep acting.

Knowing that everything works out exactly as it’s meant to.

Because then I won’t be afraid to act. I won’t be afraid to make mistakes. I have one more good reason to act…

Because no matter what happens, it’s exactly as it’s meant to be.

I have my lesson, my new insight, and now I can do better.

Or I can celebrate just receiving what I wanted

Or I can see that I don’t really want what I think I wanted

So I thought about sharing this with you because I got inspired to do so.

I’m co-creating my life with inspiration, with my higher-self.

That’s one reason to know I’m going to do the right things.

Because when we act from inspiration, that’s where the gold is. That’s where magic happens!

I hope that knowing that everything works out exactly as it’s meant to, helps you be happy with acting. Helps you to act with less fear because there’s no fear of failing.

You can’t fail!

Everything works out exactly as it’s meant to.

Your results will show you what’s in your mind. You’ll be able to look inside. You’ll be able to look to what you’re creating. You’ll know yourself better. What’s stopping you, your fears, your feelings. And you’ll be able to get closer and closer to your higher self.

Then start acting with that guidance and start to create what you really want!

That’s the secret really to live the life of your dreams.

So don’t be afraid.

Just take inspired action and you’ll move forward in the direction of your dreams.

Lots of love,

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