What’s your energy when you work?

Or when you’re doing anything at all?

Is it a calm energy or are you anxious?

For me lately, I’ve been pretty anxious.

When I work, I’m running like I need to catch the train (something we say here in Portugal ;))!

I know I need to stay with that feeling, that anxiety, but I don’t want to. Or my ego doesn’t want to.

And so I keep running. I keep doing things. I go from one task to the next, non-stop.

I know I need to relax and to do things calmly and to see that there is no rush, no motive to do it all at full speed…

But even though I know it…. I don’t stop.

Do you know those times when you know you need to do something else. You know this isn’t good for you.

And yet, you just keep going, blinders on, forget everything else.

Get out of the way! Lol!

And I should know better. I’m doing a life coach course and one key thing is staying with our feelings. I know how important that is. And still, I try to run.

But inevitably, I stop. Because I know this isn’t the way. The feeling won’t go away by itself.

It has something to say.

If I don’t acknowledge it, it will stay there, trying to wisper it’s many secrets.

Am I willing to listen?

Is it today?

Yes, I think so ;)

I’ll share what I learned later!

What about you?

What feelings are you running away from?

Maybe it’s time to stay with them!

And listen to what they have to say.

Lots of love,

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