You probably don’t even notice this.

I didn’t use to.

What is it? The details of the pieces.

When you go shopping, which pieces do you choose?

The fabric, the cut, the way they look, all contribute to you having more style or not.

For example, if it’s a shirt with a more normal and classic fabric. Tighter. It will look very different from a shirt with that softer and better-fitting fabric.

In a shirt or blouse, it will look completely different.

So it’s super important to notice these details in the pieces. Because they really make all the difference.

For example, shoes with rubber soles, give a more casual look. If it’s in high-heels and a thick sole, even more casual. If it’s a thinner sole or a more delicate or elegant shoe, it looks more chic and sophisticated.

Those details make a big difference in your look.

So pay attention to the pieces, the details, the fabric, how the piece falls. You can do this when you go shopping or choosing in your wardrobe.

If you want a more casual or more sophisticated look, this also goes through the details of the pieces, the cut and the style.

And if you see a piece that you like in someone else and then you go look for it, don’t settle for so so. Because so so can give you a tottaly different look!

Search for a piece with the same details, the same fabric, cut, appearance. Or you just won’t get the same effect.

I hope this helped you!


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