There comes a time, when you need to decide.

Are you going to do what you want, or are you going to wait on the sidelines?

Are you the one who has it all, or are you the one who keeps wishing and dreaming?

Are you going all in, or are you dabbling here and there?

Do you really believe in yourself, or you see yourself as someone who just can’t have it?

Belief is what it’s all about.

I know how easy it is to doubt ourselves. I still do it all the time. And I know that’s the worst thing to do.

I want to tell you a story about me.

For years (and still sometimes nowadays), I was the victim.

The victim is helpless. She can’t do it. She doesn’t get what she wants, at all.

The victim looks at others and thinks – why don’t I have that? Why can’t I dress like that, or laugh like that, or shine like that?

She is a bit sad, frustrated and angry.

And she just doesn’t see that she can do what she wants too.

She’s so involved in feeling sorry for herself. And really that’s her biggest excuse for not doing what it takes to get where she wants.

I was doing a bootcamp one day with a coach. And she had been at a Tony Robbins event where he talked about this. The state you’re in.

There are areas in your life where you do have what you want. Those are your priorities. You did get what you want there. How do you feel about those areas? Amazing! You feel powerful! You know you can do it, of course, you already did it. But before, you also believed in yourself enough to do it.

Then there are other areas where you’ve just decided that it isn’t possible for you. Where maybe it didn’t work out as well as you were expecting.

Or where you are just so attached to getting the result that when you don’t have it…. you immediately start having doubts and wanting to give up.

Let me tell you something: building an online business, isn’t easy. You have a lot to learn. A lot of variables. A lot of mindset. And you need, a mindset of steel. Impenetrable. Always there – or at least, most of the time… ;)

Every day I have to re-condition myself. Every day I’m working on leaving behind the stories that stop me. My purpose is to be able to free my mind and to help you.

I want to help you get the style you want. Like I’ve helped myself.

I know I can help you because I could do it. And I was clueless for so many years – more then 20 to tell you the truth.

I felt that it was impossible for me and then I turned it around… so you can do it too. And I know I can help you. I’ve learned a lot. I know what it’s needed.

But enough of all this.

I wanted to tell you that I want to help you. I want to help you have a better life. To live your dreams.

I want to help you live a magical life where you do see things lining up around you, starting to change. Starting to come true.

If you’re reading this, I know you have one goal.

To have style!

And that’s an amazing goal. Style will give you a lot of things. It will make you feel confident, powerful, capable. It will help you save lots of time and money. It’s one more thing to make your life feel like an adventure, an exciting opportunity. And one less things to worry and frustrate you.

Now, do you believe I can help you?

Because if you don’t, there’s no use in reading this.

If you do believe I can help you, I want to ask you:

What are you waiting for?

When is it going to be your time?

When are you deciding that enough is enough, and you’re going to get what you want and change your life?

In the Create Your Style for the Season masterclass, we’re going to go through the basics of style. I’m going to take you through an 1:1 style assessment. You’ll get a series of the best outfits – that will form the backbone of your wardrobe for years to come.

These are outfits you can do very quickly and that always look good. They are simple and the best base to create more complete and different outfits, if and when you want to.

I wish I could have this base when I wanted to have more style.

Because it would have made things much easier for me.

Understanding the basics is the first and most important step.

And that’s what you can do inside.

If you’re ready to stop playing the victim in your life and really go for what you want…

This is it!

The moment you decide what it will be.

More style or staying where you are.

Enter Create Your Style of the Season here –, and let’s give you more style.

Lots of love,

P.S. I’ve decided to keep the same price for this round. But it’s really a great opportunity because I’ll be there to help you 1:1 and I’ll be answering all your questions. Because of this, places are also limited.

Afterwards, I’m thinking about offering this as a self-study course. With the same price, but without the 1:1 support. So I’d do it now.

Create Your Style of the Season


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