So today i want to tell you about having style and looking good, quickly.

I want to ask you, why does it have to be quick?

Today I realized that I’ve been wanting all my life, to take care of my style and image quickly.

I want it to be quick, because I feel, I believe, that I’m wasting my time if I spend too much time taking care of my beauty.

Maybe I’m too “futile, superficial”. I should be worrying about more important things.

Who do I need to be, if I need to be that person who isn’t superficial, who doesn’t care TOO much about beauty or style?

Well, I need to look good quick.

I need to not waste time applying make up every day.

I can’t spend too much time with my hair, or choosing an outfit.

Because “it’s a waste of time”.

And in a way, I don’t want to be like that.

But what if I could be “superficial and futile”?

What if I allowed myself a bit of that? What would change?

Well, I could apply makeup every day. I could take care of my style with more care every day. I could take better care of me too. I could put myself and my self-care first.

I could enjoy my love for fashion and beauty more.

I could take some time at the end of the day to use moisturizer.

And I could enjoy more taking time to make my outfits. I could have more fun with fashion and style.

I could be freer, in what I do.

Because I could decide to just spend one hour taking care of my hair. Maybe I’d do a hair mask, and then wash my hair with great products and then I’d style it at home. And maybe I could watch a video about hair styling.

I could “waste time” and feel more beautiful and feminine.

I could be more of me. More complete.

What about you?

Do you feel you need to look good quickly too?

Here’s an exercise I’m doing this week:

Having up to an hour to take care of my beauty and style. If I have that time, and I know it’s important to me, I won’t feel bad about it. And I’ll start changing my way of being.

Lots of love,

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