Here’s what i know you’re going to find on your way: resistance.

You want to have style? expect resistance.

Want to have a better life? expect resistance.

Want more money? expect resistance.

Resistance’s going to be there, protecting you from the new things. That are a threat to your survival, in the eyes of the ego. And a waste of energy, for your brain.

Changing things isn’t that easy because of this.

So it’s best to be prepared. To expect this resistance.

And as you know it’s there, you’ll be better able to conquer it.

I feel that resistance every day. Every time I’m doing something that remotely scares me. Like sharing a post. Like doing a new video. Like launching a new program.

The resistance is a constant. Every day feels like a battle in a way. A battle with my own mind.

I want to do this. But my ego, not really.

With your style (like with everything else), resistance will come in many ways.

Maybe you feel tired and you don’t want to learn about it. Maybe you feel discouraged and don’t want to go shopping for new clothes.

Maybe you feel you can’t have style, it’s just not for you. You don’t deserve it, you can’t do it, blah blah blah blah blah

The amount of excuses, stories, feelings to make you stop… are inexaustible.

But there’s a way out…. you don’t need to believe them or surrender :)

The way out is staying with those feelings. Listening to the stories and knowing that they’re just an interpretation of the World. Our own interpretation, that we created many times when we were children. Based on our own limited perception of things. So they’re not really the truth.

So you don’t need to believe those stories, beliefs, feelings.

You can go forward and keep doing what you want to do, even if you’re feeling you can’t do it.

If your mind is telling you, you can’t do it. And you think you believe you can’t do it.

That’s all ok. And you can do it anyway.

If you think you can’t have style, that’s totally wrong ;)

Anyone can have anything she wants. It’s just a matter of deciding and going for it.

And as you go, things get easier. As what you want becomes part of who you are, you don’t feel the same resistance anymore.

So I hope I’ve convinced you that you can have the style and image you want. Because it’s the truth!

And the good news is that I have a new program called Create Your Style of the Season.

Which has a new bonus: a visualization to conquer the resistance.

So you learn what you need to learn from that resistance.

And it will help you to keep going in the direction of any goals you have. Having style or any other goal.

The meditation alone is worth much more than the entire cost of the program.

This meditation as literally changed my life. And will help you immensely with changing your image and style.

The program will begin on the 15th of March. And right now you can start with the Preparation. We’re going to see what’s going on with your own personal style right now and how to start improving it, in a very practical way.

Enter Create Your Style of the Season here:

Can’t wait to help you with your image and style!

Lots of love,

P.S. If you skipped till the end, this is what’s happening!

I’ve created this great program one year ago, called Create Your Style of the Season. It’s based on creating a capsule wardrobe with everything you need to create simple, stylish outfits that make you feel cute and stylish. And adapted to you: your style, body, taste.

If you want an easy style, and an easy way to get dressed day to day. And a base to create more complex outfits easily. You’ll love this program.

You can enter here: Create Your Style of the Season

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