Today I heard a phrase I loved, like: Enjoy the small luxuries of life, which cost very little but mean so much.

I’ve always liked luxurious things.

In my mind, if I can have the best, why am I going to settle for worse than that?

If there is a new and luxurious couch, with velvet cushions and a super cute design, why am I going to settle for mine?

That to tell you the truth, needs to be lined up again? It was beige and now …. it’s more like dirty beige ;)!

I was talking with Miguel, my husband, who was telling me that to be happy, I need to accept things exactly as they are now.

And I was telling him about the couch. No, I want to change the couch. How can I be happy about the couch if every time I look at it, I think it looks ugly? If I accept an old couch it’s as if I’m saying that this is what I deserve, isn’t it?

But then I realized what he was saying.

Which was: it’s not that I don’t want to change the couch and it’s not that I won’t do it. But it’s about being happy anyway. With the couch lined or not.

Me: “But it’s ugly. How can I be happy to look at an ugly thing?”

And him: But everything has beauty.

And then I realized what he was saying. It’s true that sometimes, when I’m in a good mood, I look at the couch and to tell you the truth, it’s not that bad. And if I’m in a really good mood, the couch is perfect. It’s used, but with love ;).

I don’t know if you get what I’m saying, but it means getting to see the beauty of everything in life. And then change for the better yes, but it’s no longer because I NEED it. Because I feel lack. I’m fine where I am. It’s just because I want to.

I think one of the most repellent energies is the NEED energy. I need this or that. Because when we are looking for what we need out there, nothing changes.

I had a dream about it. At the end I heard a phrase like: You’re trying to change the furniture and it doesn’t work. You have to go inside.

Why am I not satisfied? It’s not because of the couch or the furniture. It’s for a deeper reason. For some reason I have to find within myself.

But continuing on to be luxurious.

For me, luxury had to do with this – having those things that we see in the best houses, in the best films. Go to the best hotels and restaurants. Buy the best clothes. Have the best. And the better quality.

But I did a Deepak Chopra meditation in which he talks about the small luxuries of life. Which cost very little but mean a lot.

Like, for example, enjoying a sunset. To be able to walk in the street, in a garden, enjoy what surrounds you.

Being able to go to a cafe to eat a favorite cake. Look at flowers, buy them to your home.

Read a special book. Watch a series you love. Buying a cute piece of clothing, which you adore.

I loved this idea because I realized that having luxury does not mean having to always have the best. In fact, that’s impossible. There’s always something better. There’s always more.

Maybe having luxury, being luxurious, is about seeing that everything has beauty. Maybe it’s enjoying every little moment of life and seeing how special it is.

Anything we do is a miracle to tell you the truth. Being here is a miracle. So it’s better to enjoy it and see that luxury.


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To know what you can wear every day, based on simple outfits but which form the basis of your wardrobe and style.

When you know these outfits and know what to do to look good, it’s easy to have style. It’s easy to like your style. And that’s luxury :)

As I say in the program, you don’t need very complicated looks, full of accessories, to have style or to feel amazing. Often the simplest outfit is the cutest one, that makes you feel your best and more luxurious too!

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