Today I wanted to tell you about creating a clear vision for your life or something you want in your life.

Because many times, we want certain things in our life but what we do is just to wish or think that we want it.

And we assume that things will come to us, as if by magic. But we don’t act to get there.

At least that’s what used to happen with me;)

But then we realized that not how it works.

And that the best thing we can do to have something in our lives, is to have a clear vision.

Because if it’s not clear, if one day you say you want one thing and the next day you say you want another thing… the Universe doesn’t know what to bring you and you don’t know where you are going. So it doesn’t work.

So you need to have a clear vision.

What I usually do to get to that clear vision is to write in a journal – you write your goals and your vision.

You can use one page to write about one part of your vision, like the house for example. And write only about that part. You imagine that you’re in your ideal home and you write: My house has huge windows, overlooking the river. And you write all the details.

That will make the vision very clear, more real and more detailed. You’ll see everything very clearly, which is ideal.

Because the clearer the vision, the faster you get there.

So here’s an exercise you can do:

Once a week, every day, or 3 times a week: write down your vision. It can be your goals and then a page with all the details of a life area.

Or you can also do it for all areas of your life, from time to time or if you have more time.

And you write everything in the present, as if it was happening now. Or as if it had already happened in the past.

Another thing you can do is meditate. And you’ll imagine yourself doing your vision. In the example of the house, you see yourself entering the house, looking out the windows, seeing the river view. You can imagine who is there with you. And more details like your clothes, the decoration. And you can also imagine that something you want has already happened and you’re celebrating.

And that’s it!

I hope it helped you.

Try the exercise and then let me know how it went! Share it in the comments bellow :)

Hugs and kisses,

Photo: Maya Gipsy

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