Today I wanted to tell you about dealing with uncertainty because I had some times where I felt really uncertain and scared. And that made me make some decisions about how to deal with that…

My son was in the hospital when he was 11 months old, he had pneumonia, and I was overwhelmed by the situation, anxious all the time. And after that week, I struggled with my health for some time. I started to have some stomach problems, I felt really bad when I ate. I had to do a treatment.

Later on, my son went to the hospital again, when he was 11 years old. Because he had a broken spleen. We were really worried, he had to be completely still for one month, so the spleen could recuperate. The first two weeks we had to be in the hospital.

It was a really anxious time, but this time I decided: I’m going to stay calm, and expect the best. Because he’s healthy, so everything will be all right. So I focused on the best.

When you’re in a situation where there’s uncertainty, you can focus on the worst case scenario or the best scenario.

Focusing on: Everything will be all right.

And when you have that mindset, you can stay calm.

And just do what you have to do. Keeping busy is also good. So your mind doesn’t focus on anxious thoughts.

But we can’t always be just focusing on the best.

There are times when we’ll feel anxious, worried and uncertain. And in those times, it’s great to stay with that feeling while being the observer.

Because the ego will tell you stories, that are usually about the worst case scenario.

And you can just stay with that feeling – and it helps the feeling lose power over you. Instead of pushing it away, and putting it into the unconscious, where it will still have effect on you.

So you just stay with the feeling. And you can ask the emotion – What do you need? And see what comes up. Maybe it’s an image of a situation where you feel super calm :)

A great book that also helps is the book Stop Worrying and Start Living. He has a lot of tips about staying calm.

And also a great thing is keeping your routine and having a morning routine. I talk about that in another video I did last week. It’s about creating a routine to work from home. You can check it out here:

I hope that helps!
Lots of love,

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