One of the most important things about working from home is having a morning routine.

A routine that you decide to do every morning and that helps you to improve your mental state and to feel more energized and motivated for the day-to-day.

This routine can have many things like: reading, meditating, visualizing, affirmations, journaling, exercise. There’s a great book about it called The Morning Miracle.

I usually meditate for at least 10 minutes, I do a meditation or guided visualization. You have many on the Internet.

Meditation helps you to be calmer, and also more aware during the day. Instead of reacting to everything.

And then I connect to my Inner Adam. Which is our masculine part. And it represents the connection to the spiritual, for women. To do that you can close your eyes, imagine you’re in a place that makes you feel calm, and imagine that masculine figure that represents your inner masculine part. And then you can talk to him, ask questions. It’s like talking to your higher self.

Then I also do one minute of visualization in which I imagine some part of my vision.

And I always do some workout. Now I’m doing it at home and you have several videos on you tube for several goals. I usually use the yoga channel Yoga with Kassandra or Yoga with Adriene and also Erin Stutland’s workouts. And I also search for other videos on you tube.

If you’re not used to exercising every day, you can do it 3 times per week or 2 times per week. And then add more times if you want to.

This morning routine is super important to start the day well, it helps to start the day with the right mindset ;)

And if you don’t feel like doing it, it’s a sign that you need it even more ;) Because if you’re feeling down, that’s when you need this routine the most to pull you up! And think about doing just a minute. Many times after the first one you want to do more, but even if you only do one minute of each thing, you are creating a routine and after a while it’s super easy.

Choosing Your Outfit

It’s also important to choose an outfit you like, and taking care of your beauty, even if you’re staying home all day. That makes you feel better and it makes your day better too.


Another important thing is to have a time for lunch and dinner. And to go to sleep and wake up. This helps you to structure the day.

3 Tasks

Then choose 3 main tasks to do during the day. And start with the one that you feel it’s the hardest or the one you think is the most important, right in the morning.

Other Routines

Also add in your schedule some habits: things you want to do regularly or that have to do with something you’re working on. For example, I have a daily routine of answering messages, emails, etc. This is also on my schedule.

Extra Meditation

If you want to feel more calm, you can relax your body during the day. This helps you to get out of anxiety, because you cannot be relaxed and anxious at the same time. You can also do a hypnosis because in the beginning they always start with a deep relaxation.

And this is it, I hope it helped you.

Now you can create your own routine. Do it with time blocking: write what you are going to do, every hour of the day. Having a fixed schedule helps you to be more consistent. And also to feel good and productive at the end of the day. And it helps you to reach your goals.

Lots of love,

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