Do you want help getting dressed every day, while learning to create great looking outfits?

Now more than ever, it’s important to dress well every day.

It helps you to feel good in the morning.

It helps you to maintain a routine, which helps to maintain an idea of ​​normality in the middle of this unusual situation.

So I thought you’d like to be able to use the Choose Your Outfit style app for one month.

Because it will help you make your outfits every day.

You’ll get inspiration, you’ll wear pieces from your wardrobe that you may not have used in a while. And you’ll learn about styling. And about your style.

I also thought about doing a 30 day style challenge, so you have one more reason to get well dressed each day.

So this is the challenge: Every day, make an outfit with the app and share your inspiration and the final look.

That will give you an incentive to take care of yourself, to look good and feel better, during the 30 days of the challenge!

If you’d like to join this challenge and use the app to improve your style, here’s the link to get free access for a month and to receive the challenge:

If you don’t participate in all the outfits, enter at least once a week.

Then you’ll be creating regular outfits and you’ll get better and better at styling.

You also receive a quick styling course with the app.

Enter the one month free access to the Choose Your Outfit style app and the 30 day style challenge here:

That’s it for today!

Lots of love!
Good outfits :)

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