Today I was writing this phrase in my journal.

I am unlimited.

I need to start believing that.

I know that what’s stopping me, is believing that I’m limited. That I can’t do whatever I want.

Do you feel you are unlimited?

Mostly we are limited by our own perceptions of the World. By what we have decided is true about ourselves. About what we are capable of. We are limited by our own conditioning.

What would be possible if you really believed you are unlimited?

That you can be, do, have anything you want?

Is that really possible?

Can you see that for you?

Can you, just for one moment, believe and trust that all is possible for you?

Could you go for that dream, for what you want to do?

Could you build your dream career?

Search for the perfect person?

Could you believe that all is coming, because after all, you are unlimited?

You already have everything inside of you!

The unlimitlessness is there :)

You just have to bring it out.

Step by step.

See yourself as someone different.

The one who can.

And who will.

That’s you!

Our mind is the one creating the limits. Telling you what’s possible.

“Not this, you’re too shy. You’re too awkward, You don’t know how. Who do you think you are?”

“You’re not talented enough. you don’t have what it takes.”

Is it true?

Not at all. Not one word.

Because remember, you are limitless.

You have everything inside of you.

And what you desire and see inside of you is available. It’s possible. If you see it in your mind, it’s because it’s available to you.

Your ego will tell you all the reasons you can’t.

And your true self will tell you all the reasons you can!

So what are you going to believe?

What are you going to tune in to?

It’s the true self for me :)

I am unlimited!

And for you?

Lots of love,

P.S. There was a time when I felt very limited about my style. 

For example, I almost didn’t wear any V neckline tops. Why? I thought they were too revealing for me – lol. 

I loved to see them in other people but I just thought they weren’t ok for me. 

When we started the image consulting company I told that to my friends/partners. They all told me: What are you talking about? You look great. There’s no problem at all! 

And that was it. That’s one of the reasons that made me start wearing V necks and U necks. And they are much more flattering anyway… ;)

We all limit ourselves in the most strange ways, don’t you think?

I know I did, but when it comes to my style, I’m much better now. Although, of course, I still have limits. We are always growing after all.

But what do you say – do you want to have less limits when it comes to your style? Do you want to feel free to wear whatever you want?​ 

Do you want to love seeing yourself in the mirror every day? To be happy about what you wear, the outfits you make, and your image? 

Create Your Style of the Season is a new style program!

It’s 21 days with me, in which we work to create a series of outfits that will form the basis of your style for this season.

Then we’ll see how you can easily vary that style.

And we’ll also see the best trends for you and how you can use them to feel amazing!

All so that you can enjoy choosing your looks easily, every day. And so you love your style and feel fabulous.

After finishing this masterclass you’ll know how to create your style for other seasons too!

See more details here: Create Your Style of the Season

The price will increase on the 10th and places are limited.


  • Two essential ways to have more style and create better outfits
  • Having the base outfits in your wardrobe of the season, so you can always know what to wear and be ready very quickly
  • Easy ways to vary your style
  • The best reason for knowing the trends of the season and how to choose the best for you
  • How to create trendy outfits easily
  • What about events or special occasions like a date? You’ll have everything to shine there too ;)

As part of this program, I’ll be right by your side helping you.

You can send me the exercises you’ve done so that I can advise you 1:1. And you can ask me all your questions.

So, let me know, do you want to have a style that you love, that makes you feel happy and confident?

Then you’ll love this masterclass! Enter here: Create Your Style of the Season

Dressing well makes you happy, not only because you feel good about yourself and confident about your image, but also because it’s one of the things you like, that gives you pleasure :)

This is not only about improving your style but also about getting to know yourself better. And show who you really are, with your style.

And also about doing what you like, expressing yourself using your creativity in your outfits!

If that’s one thing you want…

Enter below and expect to have more style, in this Spring/Summer: Create Your Style of the Season


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