3 Easy Looks to Work from Home

Today I wanted to tell you about 3 easy looks to be comfortable at home. And to also like the way you look because that makes us feel good ;)

Here they are:

I. Leggings

Of course, because they’re super comfortable. It’s good to wear them with longer tops, tunics, longer and larger sweaters. It’s good to balance the leggings since they’re very tight.

For shoes you can wear sneakers, you can go barefoot, wear flip-flops. Or if you like to wear shoes, flats are more comfortable. But you can also wear heels if you like it, of course.

II. Boyfriend / Baggy jeans

Or straight-leg, because they’re more comfortable. Skinny jeans sometimes are very tight and so more uncomfortable (unless they have some elasticity).

Because these jeans are larger, it’s better to combine with tighter tops: a tighter blouse or sweater. Or wear it with a t-shirt tucked in your pants and a cardigan. It can be a lighter or heavier knit, if it’s colder.

III. Slim pants / classic type

They can also be straight-leg. They’re comfortable because they’re a little looser or larger.

When you buy this type of pants it’s good to try a size larger because they look good if they’re a bit on the larger side. Even if the hook is lower, there’s no problem.

As they’re neither too tight nor too large, so they look good with all types of tops. Larger or tighter.

You can wear it with t-shirts, sweatshirts or blouses. Sometimes we think that, since they’re classic pants, we have to use them with more classic things like shirts or blouses. But they also look good with sweatshirts or t-shirts and a cardigan.

And that’s it.

When it’s hotter, I’ll make another video / post with ideas for the Summer.

A good option in the summer are those larger and comfortable dresses.

You can also wear them now.

In Easter I wore a long dress, but since I don’t like to wear tights, I used leggings underneath. And then sneakers (or you could wear flats).

If it’s cold you can add a cardigan or put a t-shirt or top underneath the dress.

And that’s it!

I hope you liked it :)

Later on, I’ll give you more ideas for the Summer.

Now choose one of these outfits and try it out ;)

Lots of love,

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