Today I wanted to tell you about feeling that you’re being guided.

Listening to your intuition! To your higher-self. To the wisdom that you already have within you.

There’s an easy way to follow that guidance and that’s to notice when something catches your attention. Especially if it’s two times or more.

Imagine you have a goal and something related to that, appears in your mind. Or in the exterior world. It’s good to notice that because it can be guidance for you.

For example, sometimes I hear someone talking about a book, which isn’t a new book, or a new bestseller. It’s just a book I notice and that I think I’d like to read or that it looks interesting. And in a short time, I notice another person talking about the same book.

That’s when I start to think: I better get that book ;)

Listening to our intuition isn’t always easy. Especially when we’re busy in our day to day lives, doing all the tasks and all the things.

A good way to be more aware of what’s going on around us and inside us, is to meditate.

Another good way is journaling.

These are tools that help you go within, stop the madness around you, and focus on yourself.

And communicating with your higher self. The part that is always well, calm and powerful.

The higher self has messages for you. It has things for you to do. It has a way for you to follow. It can help you reach what you want.

And the higher self helps you to be aware, to be present, to live in the moment.

when you’re being the higher self, you aren’t in fear or anger. You’re enjoying your life to the max.

So it’s really important to develop a connection to your higher self. To start being the higher self, instead of identifying with your ego.

The ego just sees the fear and tries to help you survive.

but you don’t want to survive, you want to thrive. you want to create your dreams. You want to have a complete and extraordinary life.

That’s why you need a deeper knowing. That’s why you need to go within and create your dreams from the inside out.

That’s truly, the only way. To go inside.

So I was going to tell you about one way to being guided: noticing things that come to your attention two times or more.

And I ended up telling you about the importance of having this connection with your higher self. Developing this connection is one of the most important things for you, if you want to really live a calm and happy life.

And if you want to create an extraordinary life, that comes from knowing what you truly want. And from being able to create it, easily.

So what to do next?

You can join me in my program Create Your Dreams: Live the Life You’ve Imagined. We’re going to use journaling to develop that connection to your higher self and start being guided. And I’m adding a new bonus about using journaling to understanding your dreams and going even deeper to your unconscious mind. Check it out here – Create Your Dreams: Live the Life You’ve Imagined. We start next Monday.

Or you can work 1:1 with me. I have a new special coaching package called “Calm & Powerful”, just for this time we’re living now. It’s two months of 1:1 coaching and a great way to see the power of coaching for reaching your goals and feeling powerful in your life. You can check it out and apply here: Calm & Powerful

Lots of love,

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