Today I wanted to tell you about a way to make good looking outfits, easily.

I use my style app, it’s called Choose Your Outfit.

In the app I have lots of pictures that I choose from many bloggers. And that I have tagged with different tags.

In the morning I think about something that I want to wear – for example, this morning I wanted to wear these leggings that imitate leather. So I searched for that piece and I saw lots of looks with it. Until this look came up – with a white sweater, with starts. And I remembered this t-shirt I’m wearing, so I did this outfit.

And you can do that on the Internet: search for pictures until you see one that inspires you and you think – I can create this outfit, with some alterations. But I can see how I can do this with the pieces that I have in my wardrobe.

That makes it much easier to create outfits.

And in my app I choose outfits from the bloggers that I really love, with a style I know I like.

But in the net you also have outfits from lots of bloggers.

If you want to try the app, I have one free trial now, for 30 days.

It really helps you get ready in the morning!

You just search for a piece you want to wear (or more), or for the season, for the mood – if you want something trendy or not, etc.

Then you see the looks, get inspired, and you quickly come to a pic that you see you can create with the pieces in your wardrobe.

And what you can also do, while you’re looking at the pics in the app, is add them to your shopping bag.

So, if you like one outfit and you want to buy one of the pieces, you can add that outfit to your shopping bag. And and when you go shopping, you can use that list of looks, that help you see what to buy.

And the app also helps you with more things like:

  • Understanding what’s your style – what you love to wear
  • Learning how to combine pieces without even thinking about it
  • Get new ideas for changing what you wear more often
  • And much more!

We’re currently working on a new version of the app now, and it will help you even more.

One option we’re going to have is that you can do the tagging on the photos, which means you can learn even if you’re not creating the outfits day to day.

Because as you insert the tags, you’re also noticing the details of the outfits, and how they’re done.

Which also happens if you create an outfit every day, or some times a week.

As you create outfits, you start to understand how to combine different pieces, in ways that looks good.

And it becomes easier and easier to love your outfits, create looks that make you feel amazing, and know your style.

You can try out the app here: Choose Your Outfit Style App

Enter the free trial option (you don’t need to give any credit card information).

Let me know how it goes!

Lots of love,

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