How to write your own reality? First things first:

1. You’re Always Writing Your Reality

First you need to know that you’re always “writing” your reality, with your thoughts and the way you see things.

You’re the creator of what you see around you. Many times it can be unconscious, but you’re writing it.

2. Decide What You Want Your Reality to Be

If you’re the creator, you need to decide what you want your reality to be.

And it’s important that you don’t make that decision from ego.

You have to ask yourself what you really want. And not follow society or what you think will make you look good in the outside world.

3. Write Your Reality as if it’s Already Happening

The third step is writing what you want as if it’s happening now or as if it has happened in the past. Because you want to tell your subconscious mind that it’s happening or it already happened.

Not that it will happen or you’re always focused on it happening in the future. So that means you’re not creating it now, and what you create is that it will come in the future, so it will never come.

So you want to write like it’s already happening.

You can do a perfect day exercise where you go through your perfect day and you write down everything that is happening in your perfect day.

Like: I wake up at 6:00, I can see the ocean from my window, I’m with my soul mate.

You can also do a list of your wishes. What are your wishes?

For example: I have a Miele washing machine in my kitchen. And a Philips Spirallizer (some things I want in my kitchen now) ;)

Another way to write your reality that’s super powerful is writing “I am” phrases.

For example: I’m an amazing person, I’m a surfer.

That’s much more powerful than saying “I know how to surf”.

Because when you say I’m a surfer, you start to act like a surfer. It’s best to go directly to your identity.

You can write it regularly and the key is also to think and believe you’re creating that reality. That it’s already created!

You write it, believe it, feel you have it and that it’s done.

You can also have a vision board and look at it (it can be a folder in your computer or album in your phone), or do a visualization and imagine yourself having what you want.

The key is to keep thinking and believing that it’s done and that you’re getting the reality you want.

4. Exercise: Free Writing in Your Journal

So here’s an exercise:

Write in your journal, free writing, without thinking, editing, thinking if it’s possible. Just write write and write ;)

And you can start with this prompt: My reality is this….

And write in the present tense.

“I wake up every day feeling energized and amazing”

Or do the perfect day exercise and go through the whole day. And you can do it for a work day and also a weekend or vacation day.

When you write it down, feel like you’re already in that reality.

And if you feel you can’t believe it’s real, you can write:

“I choose to believe that I wake up feeling energized and amazing”

And that’s it!

I hope it helps :)

Lots of love,

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